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Your packages are a critical touchpoint in the customer journey. From the unboxing experience to the story you tell, today’s consumers expect recycled, beautiful boxes that offer value. We can help you create the right package designed around your unique needs.

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Standard Packaging Sizes & Prices

Wondering how much your packaging will cost? Below are pricing charts for commonly ordered sizes and quantities. We can accommodate any size or quantity needed — just let us know what you need!

Our Custom Packaging Services 

United GMG is your go-to packaging company. We understand packaging and serve brands in diverse industries, which allows us to bring a unique spin to our design, prototype, and print services.

Bring your idea to the table, and we’ll help you bring it to life. Our services include: 

Just because it’s custom doesn’t mean that it needs to blow your budget. If you have concerns regarding budget, there’s no need to start from scratch. Although everything we print is custom, we can get you started by working with standard boxes. Just because it’s custom made, doesn’t mean it needs to blow your budget! 

Ready to begin? Choose from our selection of popular dies or contact us regarding other industry-based solutions for your custom prints today.

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Quick Guide: How to Get Custom Packaging & Boxes

We love creating custom packaging for small business owners. It’s such a rewarding experience to watch them unbox their product for the first time. The process may seem daunting, but we’re here to help every step of the way. 

Here are questions we’ll ask you during the process. If you don’t know all the answers, that’s okay! We can talk about all the options during our initial call. If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form on this page.

  • What type of box do you need? (For example, shipping box, retail packaging, custom wraps, etc.)
  • What are your ideal dimensions? 
  • Please provide us with your ideal material for the custom package. 
  • Would you like to print on one, two, or all sides of the custom packaging or boxes? 
  • How many packages do you need? 
  • Does your custom package require any special finishes? 
  • Will your package require special closures such as tape, magnets, or velcro?

If you know the answers to some of these questions, you can start your free quote. We’re always a phone call away, too.

Rely on us to provide a consistent experience for every packaging project.

Our 7-Step Custom Boxes & packaging Process 

Some of Our Clients

Benefits of Custom Packaging for Small Business Owners

Big brands with even bigger budgets aren’t the only ones that benefit from custom packaging. United GMG offers custom solutions to meet the needs of our client partners. Custom packaging is a great way to take care of: 

  • Varying package quantities
  • Custom sizes, finishes, materials, colors, or features for your packaging
  • Access to full-color advanced printing or printing on all sides and the interior of your packaging

And more! Give us a call to talk more about your custom packaging ideas. 

Custom Packaging FAQs

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom Packaging involves printing on a base material (for example, paper, plastic, fabric, cardboard, etc.) and then converting it into a finished product—a box, bag, etc.

Custom Packaging gives brands a unique advantage to tell their story through advanced printing processes, varying sizes, shapes, and details. 

Custom Packaging products can be printed from edge to edge with full-color graphic designs. At United GMG, we can print on the sides, bottom, or interior of a packaging product. We have many different options to choose from to achieve your goals. 

Are your Custom Packaging solutions sustainable?

We do our best to use recycled materials when available, and all of our custom packaging and boxes are printed in the USA.

According to industry research, most shoppers prefer recycled options like many of today’s cardboard products. Think about this when designing your custom packaging.

  • Is your design reusable?
  • Are you making the most of the space?
  • Is it clear that your package is recyclable?
Do I need to order a minimum quantity?

No. We accept any order size.

Can I get specialty finishes for my custom package?

You can choose from a collection of finishes, including laminated, spot UV coated, and window patched.

Can you print spot colors?

No. Please convert all colors to CMYK.

Can I get any size package printed and cut?


What is the largest flat box size you offer?

60” by 120.”

Can I print directly on the board?


Can United GMG print white?


Can I supply my design?

Yes. We are more than happy to accept your branding. If you need design direction, let us know. We can help with that, too!

We can also help you fit your design into your box dimensions.

Can I print my image to the edge?

Yes, we can bleed the image.

How much does Custom Packaging cost?

We know it’s not a great answer, but it depends. Here’s a helpful calculator that can help you determine some rough estimates based on your qualifiers.

Find Space to Tell Your Story

People love experiencing an excellent product package design—one that’s interactive, experiential, and educational. You have the power to make that happen for your brand. Let’s start the process today. 

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