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Studies have shown you only have about three seconds to get someone’s attention with direct mail advertisements, and we work hard to ensure that you make the most of those few moments. With Chicago direct mail services from United Graphics & Mailing Group, you can enjoy turning prospective customers into satisfied clients.

Your direct mail needs to stand out from the rest, otherwise it will end up in the recycling bin. Passing the three-second test doesn’t have to be a puzzle, though—all you need is great design, quality printing, and a strong message. At United GMG, we work to provide our clients with exceptional Chicago direct mail printing services and offer customizable marketing materials for B2B and B2C companies.

Why Direct Mail Advertising Services Are Ideal for Many Businesses

Many companies today don’t utilize direct mail services because they perceive it as an irrelevant and outdated marketing tactic, but the fact is that it can be vital to your marketing campaign. Consumers still prefer direct mail in many ways compared to online marketing efforts such as “spammy” emails and other strategies that annoy rather than attract. With top-quality direct mail pieces, you can appeal to customers and stay ahead of the competition.

With the right company, you’ll be able to design and develop direct mail that accurately represents your brand in a flattering mail piece that helps turn marketing leads into customers. Unlike email and other online strategies, direct mail offers a physical marketing material that feels more personal. You can easily impress your target audience with direct mail pieces, such as greeting cards and business cards, that inspire them to make a purchase and reach out to you.

At United GMG, you’ll see a difference in the performance of your marketing campaigns with unique mail pieces, like business cards, that can significantly help your business. You’ll discover how direct mail can help your business stand out among competitors while helping improve overall ROI. We keep all direct mail services consistently affordable for all of our clients, making it a worthwhile investment that complements the rest of your marketing materials and marketing efforts.

Successful Chicago Direct Mail Marketing Services

Placing direct mail in a mailbox.

Direct mail services involve a lot of planning and processing before they ever see a mailbox, and for good reason. With careful project management, these pieces can turn a casual observer into a new customer. At United Graphics & Mailing Group, we have more than just experience—we have a dedicated team who will contribute their expertise in mail piece design, postal regulations, paper choice, print file preparation, mailing lists, and client database management. Your success with direct mail services is our goal, and we pair our expertise and experience to deliver successful direct mailings.

Reliable Direct Mail Advertising Services and Solutions

Depending on your specific needs, we can provide you with customized direct mail advertising services and solutions that successfully promote your brand. You’ll be able to attract new customers with our unique direct mail advertising solutions that appeal to your demographics. With these services, you can make your direct mail advertising as effective as every other part of your marketing campaigns. We have the resources necessary to create top-quality mail pieces that can give you the best results.

Track Your Progress and Growth in Direct Mail Marketing

When you work with United Graphics & Mailing Group, you’re working with a family-owned business whose ultimate goal is ensuring your promotional marketing materials reach their intended audiences. We also use advanced tracking techniques that allow you to determine the success of direct mailings, and those real-world measurements allow you to evaluate and improve your campaigns. Your direct mail campaign’s success hinges on great quality printing, so work with the best—contact us for more information on our door direct mail tracking services.

Grab Your Future Clients’ Attention
with Chicago Direct Mail Printing

Wrapped printed direct mail ready for delivery.When you work with us, we manage every aspect of your project from start to finish, maintaining communication throughout to ensure the outcome is exactly what you had in mind. Our project managers make sure that your promotional materials not only manage the design and printing processes, but we’ll also make sure that your pieces arrive in your target audience’s hands on time. We work with your timeline, ideas, and budget to deliver promotional materials that help you grow your business, and we’ve done that since 1927—we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Versatile Experience and Capabilities with Direct Mail Services

No matter what industry you are in, we’re ready to get to work on direct mail services for your various marketing campaigns. We have experience working with a wide range of clients, including:

  • Nonprofit organizations and associations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Educational institutions, schools, and universities
  • Manufacturing firms and industrial companies
  • Real estate agents
  • Fitness representatives and gyms
  • Travel agents
  • Retail catalogs

Great Looking and Effective Direct Mail Advertising
Products in Chicago

Whether you have an idea of what you want to send or you need help creating and producing the most effective direct mail project, we’re ready to get to work. At United Graphics & Mailing Group, we’re a dedicated team of professional consultants, designers, marketers and more, and we’ll work directly with you to ensure that your direct mail project turns out exactly as you hoped it would. We’re proud to offer our clients some of the most modern technologies and techniques for direct mail projects, and we also offer excellent ways to track how effective your campaigns are.

For more information on how we can get started on your next successful Chicago direct mail printing campaign, or to learn more about our direct mail services, contact United Graphics & Mailing Group today. As one of the leading direct mail companies in Illinois, we’re ready to give you a solution that works for you and gives you the results you want. You can also learn more about our other services to further help your business succeed.

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