Top 5 Direct Mail Trends for 2022

The direct mail marketing medium produces the highest conversion rates, the lowest cost per lead, and the highest ROI—so it’s no surprise that direct mail continues to be a critical component for both B2B and B2C products and services. In fact, yearly volumes have returned to—and even surpassed—pre-pandemic levels.

This is more than likely due to the fact that we have spent two years behind screens. We are digitally over saturated, and we are experiencing digital advertising fatigue—so one of the only ways to get important information in front of our prospects and customers is through unique and compelling direct mail.

Whether you’re thinking about incorporating direct mail into your marketing strategy for the first time or interested in optimizing your 2022 direct mail program, here’s a closer look at the industry’s upcoming trends to set you up for success and maximize your ROI.


Direct Mail Trend #1: Businesses Will Get Serious About Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication is centered around a multichannel approach to customer communications with the purpose of building stronger relationships with customers and boosting customer loyalty.

Direct mail is always more effective than digital-only channels like email or social media ads—and when you combine the power of direct mail and digital—that cross-channel boost and flexibility can generate an increased return and further develop your brand. Therefore, in 2022, omnichannel communication will be a major priority among enterprise marketing teams.


Direct Mail Trend #2: Direct Mail Will Be Used to Combat Digital Fatigue

It is no secret that digital marketing tactics like email marketing and social media ads resonate with prospects and customers. However, due to the global pandemic, we have been sitting behind screens and consuming digital content at higher rates than ever. Because of this, the volume of digital content available has increased tremendously—and that oversaturation has come at a price.

Digital marketers are seeing digital fatigue reflected in their campaign results as the pandemic continues. But with direct mail’s proven ability to drive engagement in unique and compelling ways, more businesses will take advantage of direct mail to combat digital fatigue and drive results. 

Direct Mail Trend #3: Retargeting with Direct Mail Will Become Even More Effective

The majority of business owners understand retargeting from a Google Ads perspective. Originally, retargeting was used to serve digital ads to people who visited your website and didn’t buy in hopes of luring them back in. Now, advertisers can send direct mail to prospects who didn’t buy online and include an offer the prospect can’t refuse.

By adding direct mail into your retargeting strategy, you can take advantage of a less saturated channel and reach those who have become unresponsive to digital outreach. This retargeting strategy will become increasingly important in 2022 due to digital fatigue—and because statistics show that direct mail retargeting is much more effective than online retargeting.


Direct Mail Trend #4: Personalized Campaigns Will Take the Place of Mass Mailings

Personalized direct mail is all about creating targeted and relevant pieces for each recipient. It’s more important than ever to engage personally with customers—and personalized direct mail automates the direct mail process so that each direct mail piece looks like it has been specifically and uniquely designed and printed for a single person.

In response to cost-consciousness and better capabilities, companies are shifting away from mass mail to smaller, more targeted, and more personalized campaigns. This agile and effective strategy keeps prospects and customers more engaged—and as businesses continue to leverage technology for better targeting, this trend is expected to accelerate in 2022.

Direct Mail Trend #5: Cost & Mail Speed Optimization Will Be a Major Priority

The 2021 USPS price increase highlighted the need for businesses to factor cost into their direct mail strategy. Additionally, as part of the 2021 pricing changes, USPS downgraded first-class delivery standards (first class mail delivery within 3 days can now take up to 5 days).

As a result, in 2022, businesses will focus on tracking direct mail ROI more closely, and there will be a lot of pressure to optimize mail production to offset the change in delivery time.

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Are You Keeping Up on The Latest Direct Mail Trends?

There’s no doubt that direct mail is more powerful than ever, and the future of direct mail is looking even brighter. In terms of versatility and effectiveness, direct mail is unbeatable—especially when combined with digital marketing. So, if you’re not already mailing, 2022 is definitely the year to reconsider.

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