Custom Mailing & Shipping Boxes

Don’t fade into the brown sea of sameness—stand out with custom shipping boxes. 

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How to Order Custom Shipping Boxes


Start with your main message. Define your goals and stick to your brand values.


Embrace your options. Work with our expert team to complete your design or send us your files.


Finish your project. Get your custom boxes, pack them up and ship to your customers.

All custom shipping boxes are printed in the USA on recycled materials.

Standard Packaging Sizes & Prices

Wondering how much your packaging will cost? Below are pricing charts for commonly ordered sizes and quantities. We can accommodate any size or quantity needed — just let us know what you need!

Get Inspired: How to Customize Shipping Boxes

Your options for customized packages are virtually limitless. If you have an idea, chances are, we can make it happen. Work with United GMG to help your parcels arrive in style. 

  • Show your customers you care with product instructions and tips.
  • Feature your brand logo, look, and feel to increase awareness.
  • Cross-sell other products to capture that repurchase opportunity.
  • Provide ideas for how your customers can reuse or recycle the box.
  • Use every inch of the box, including the flaps and inside, to tell your story.
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Our Custom Packaging Services 

United GMG is your go-to packaging company. We understand the marketing strategy that goes into creating effective packaging for many industries, which helps us bring a unique advantage to our design, prototype, and print services. 

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You Have Options

Need options or a certain custom size and material to work with? You can start your custom shipping box design by choosing from the collection of standard sizes that United GMG has to offer. Typically, we work with the following shipping box options.

  • Full Color Printed Boxes: Maintain brand consistency and make a statement with full color print options for your corrugated shipping boxes.
  • One Color Printed Boxes: Get your message across with simple, one color designs for your custom shipping boxes project.
  • Plan Custom Shipping Boxes: Take a minimalist approach with our plain, print-free options, including brown kraft and white boxes.

Custom Shipping Boxes Size Range

Your order is available in the exact size you need within the following ranges.

  • Length: 2″ – 30″
  • Width: 2″ – 29″
  • Depth: 2.5″ – 32″

Note that the measurements refer to the interior dimensions of the box. 

Pro tip: When determining the size of your box, you should leave some space on either side of your product for packaging or inserts.

If you want to choose a standard box size, we will provide you with our options. Contact us to find out more.

Material Options

Print your full-color design on any of our corrugated cardboard options.

Standard White Corrugated Cardboard

Popular, economical option

Made of sturdy, sustainable material

No extra packaging needed to mail

Premium White Corrugated Cardboard

Soft, smooth surface with a luxury feel

Interior and exterior are white with a flute made of brown kraft material

Recommended for boxes with inside printing or large unprinted areas

Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard

Classic kraft cardboard with a raw, natural look

Interior, exterior, and flute made with brown kraft

Ideal for brands promoting natural products and ingredients

Material Thickness

We automatically select a material thickness that works best for your box dimensions. If you require a specific thickness, let us know! 

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Benefits of Custom Packaging for Small Business Owners

Big brands with even bigger budgets aren’t the only ones that benefit from custom packaging. Here, at United GMG, we offer custom solutions to meet the needs of our client partners. Custom packaging is a great way to take care of: 

  • Varying package quantities 
  • Custom sizes, finishes, materials, colors, and features for your packaging
  • Access to full-color advanced printing (CMYK)
  • Printing on all sides and the interior of your packaging

And more! Give us a call to talk more about your custom packaging ideas. 

Custom Shipping Boxes FAQs

Are your Custom Shipping Boxes sustainable?

All of our custom packaging and boxes are printed in the USA. Recycled materials are used when available.

According to industry research, most shoppers prefer recycled options, like many of today’s cardboard products. Think about these questions when designing your custom packaging.

  • Is your design reusable?
  • Are you making the most of the space?
  • Is it clear that my package is recycled?
Do I need to order a minimum quantity?

No. We accept any order size. Please contact our customer service team for more information.

Can you print spot colors?

No. Please convert all colors to CMYK.

Will white ink show up on corrugated cardboard?

We can arrange for a kraft-like texture to appear on the premium or standard white cardboard. Otherwise, white ink will appear brown if you select kraft as your corrugated cardboard color. Please contact our customer service team for more information.

Can I print directly on the box?


Can I supply my design?

Yes, of course! we are more than happy to work with your already made files and fit your design to your box dimensions. With that said, we are always here to help with design direction during the process so let us know.

How much do Custom Shipping Boxes cost?

We know it’s not a great answer, but it depends. Here’s a helpful calculator that can help you determine some rough estimates based on your qualifiers.

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Find Space to Tell Your Story

People love experiencing an excellent product package design—one that’s interactive, sensory, and educational. You have the power to make that happen for your brand. Let’s start the process today. 

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