5 Examples of Direct Marketing to Base Your Next Campaign Off

Direct marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and grab their attention. Whether it’s through email, text messages, flyers, or anything in between, it’s attractive to many marketers because the results can be directly measured.

For your direct marketing campaign to be truly successful, it’s important to know your target audience, so that you can reach them with a personalized message. And it’s even MORE important to be original and stand out.

Take a look at these creative direct marketing campaigns that left a strong impression on the public.

KitKat – Chunky Chocolate Bar

Nestlé came up with a brilliant and hilarious idea to promote their KitKat Chunky chocolate bar.

Addressing each consumer personally, they sent out delivery notes to their target audience that said that a package could not be delivered because it was “too chunky for your letterbox”. The recipients could then take the notes to their local news agency and get a free KitKat Chunky bar.

Personalized notes paid off and Nestlé saw a surge in purchases of this chocolate bar.

Jeep – Test Kit

To promote its Cherokee line, Jeep sent out a test kit to their audience.

One of their taglines was “Go Anywhere, Do Anything”, and the test kit included a compass that represents “anywhere” and a clock for “anytime”. “Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity, and Passion” is their global tagline, so the test kit included elements of nature to represent each of these 4 concepts.

The direct result of this campaign included 76% increase in the number of people who came to test drive a Cherokee.

ADT Security System – Popup Block

To advertise their security services, ADT sent out a flat box that’s engineered to pop up into a cube. They then slipped it under the doors of people’s apartments and homes. To promote their services, the box said: “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think”.

A bit of an aggressive direct marketing campaign, but effective, nonetheless.

Smart – Recyclable Helmet

Smart promoted its environmentally friendly e-bikes by sending out a recycled cardboard box that their target customers were supposed to assemble into a helmet. Not only did they promote their product with this, but they also encouraged cyclists to wear helmets.

This whole campaign exploded on social media and further advertised their product.

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Earth Hour – Candle Box

To emphasize the importance of saving electricity and to showcase the role of nature in our lives, Earth Hour sent yellow candles in boxes to large and small companies.

The box was designed to look like an apartment building and taking out the yellow candle from it encourages people to turn off their lights and stop wasting electricity.

Thanks to this creative marketing campaign, the support of the “switch off” increased by 260%.

Direct marketing campaigns are usually targeted towards a smaller number of people, but they are extremely effective. With them, you can save money, and increase sales among your current clients and attract new ones.

Creativity pays off with direct marketing campaigns, so remember to keep your campaigns exciting, interesting, and unique. For help producing your next direct marketing campaign, reach out to United Graphics today!