Custom Box Types: A Guide for Businesses

If you’re getting started on your next custom box project, the first thing you need to do is consider what type of custom box you’ll need. The type of custom box you need depends on many factors including what type of product you have, whether it is being shipped, and more. United GMG discusses the common types of custom boxes and the situations the different types of boxes are best suited for below.

Common Types of Custom Boxes

There are three common types of custom boxes. Learn what they are and what they are used for below.

Folding Carton Boxes

A popular form of secondary packaging, folding cartons are made from a great material for printing high-quality graphics on. They are also extremely flexible. This type of custom box can be configured in several ways and come in different weights or material thickness.

Types of Folding Cartons

Two of the most common types of folding cartons are the straight and reverse tuck folding cartons. The straight tuck has flaps on both the top and bottom of the carton and these flaps fold in the same direction. With the reverse tuck, the top and bottom flaps fold in opposite directions from each other.  Both of these folding cartons are ideal for lightweight items including small food products like protein bars or chocolate. They are also popular custom box solutions for small cosmetics and electronic items.

Another common folding carton is the lock bottom carton. This folding carton has bottom flaps that seal the box by locking together. This locking design results in a stronger box, making this type of folding carton ideal for heavier or bulkier items, such as large candles and larger electronics.

Folding Carton Materials

Folding cartons are made from a paperboard material. You have the option to choose from several different types of paperboard, including SBS (or solid bleached sulfate) or CUK (coated unbleached kraft).

What is SBS?

SBS is a paperboard that is white all the way through. The clay-coated surface allows for high-quality printing on the box’s material while the bleached virgin hardwood fibers create a smooth surface. This is the typical material choice for frozen food products, dairy products, cosmetics, and medical products.

What is CUK (Kraft)?

CUK paperboard is a more sustainable option for eco-conscious brands. This material is made from unbleached virgin kraft fiber and has a natural brown color. The top is clay-coated for a smooth, white surface that is ideal for printing.

Mailer Boxes

Ideal for ecommerce businesses, mailers are sturdy and protect the product on its journey from the warehouse to the customer. This is essential as there are many more opportunities for product damage with ecommerce products compared to retail products on shelves.

Popular Types of Mailers

A popular type of mailing carton is a roll-end front-tuck package with flaps. The reason this is such a popular choice is because it helps create a memorable unboxing experience. With this package type, the customer will feel suspense while opening the top flap. The package can be designed to showcase the product in an exciting way, such as with modular inserts, when opened, which impresses the customer and creates a positive brand experience.

One-piece folders are also a popular mailer option. These lightweight paperboard options are ideal for mailing flat products like books and plaques.

Mailer Materials

One common type of mailer material is paperboard. This is because paperboard is flexible and lightweight, which lowers shipping costs. Although it is lightweight, it is still durable and able to protect the product.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping cartons are the best option for protecting the integrity of your product while it is being transported. Shipping cartons are corrugated to offer optimal protection for shipped goods, especially heavier items. Again, this is important because the more shipping checkpoints a package has to go through, the more chances the product can end up damaged.

Popular Type of Shipping Boxes

One of the most common types of custom shipping cartons for small businesses is the regular slotted container. With this configuration, all of the flaps have the same length and meet in the center. The design is extremely simple and efficient, so you’ll enjoy little manufacturing waste and lower manufacturing costs. The regular slotted container is usually corrugated for extra protection.

Shipping Custom Box Materials

Corrugated boxes are a popular choice for products that will be shipped because of its multiple layers. The ruffled design that is between the inner and outer layer make the cardboard box sturdy and great at protecting the product inside.

Plastic is another great shipping material. For one, it is durable and can protect the product’s integrity. Furthermore, it is lightweight, saving your company on shipping costs.

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