6 Custom Packaging Ideas to Inspire Your Brand’s Next Move

Custom packaging is everywhere these days, and it’s making quite a significant impact on customer experience. Did you know that 50% of shoppers will recommend your product if it comes in gift-like or branded packaging (Pack Mojo)?

We pulled examples of companies using their packaging to foster community with customers. If you have a product and you’re not making use of its packaging, you may be wasting valuable real estate. Every inch of a package is a design opportunity to tell your story and share the benefits of why customers should love your product.

A Look at 6 Brands Whose Custom Packaging Elevates Customer Experience


It’s a known statistic that a brand has around five seconds to stand out on the shelf from all the other colorful brands for a shopper to consider buying. The master of engaging first impressions is the brand that breaks the rules by using the absence of color or an obnoxious logo, Apple.

Aesthetically pleasing and memorable with clean, rounded edges on a minimalist white box, Apple has redefined how companies approach packaging. There’s a fully immersive, sensory experience from interacting and unboxing a new iPhone just by looking at the custom packaging.

This brand is a champion when it comes to sensory packaging. As far as marketing strategies go, the way a brand’s custom packaging looks and feels is the first experience your customer will have with your product. If the packaging isn’t engaging or memorable, your brand will have missed a grand opportunity to make a lasting impact and reach the customer.


You may have heard of the affordable, subscription-based shaving giant that is Harry’s, but did you know about the collaboration between Target and Harry’s? The two came together to attract their shared consumers. Unique, brightly colored custom packaging helped further entice consumers to read the informative brand storytelling.

Harry’s grew to become 50% of Target’s razor handles sales and 10% of its cartridge sales within mere weeks.

Good Hair Day Pasta

It seems difficult for a pasta brand to be unique among the crowded pasta shelf. Surrounded by blue boxes and basil leaves, Good Hair Day Pasta pulled off an unforgettable feat.

The brand’s boxes feature illustrations of people with a little transparent window on the box, revealing the pasta inside as the illustration’s hair. Immediately memorable, right? Custom packaging that seamlessly creates amusing connections will feel more thought-provoking and unique than just another pasta box with pasta images and make the whole mundane shopping for pasta experience more enjoyable. 

Smirnoff Caipiroska

For Smirnoff Caipiroska’s new fruity flavors, the marketing team saw a brilliant opportunity to appeal to customers with this exotic Brazilian drink by taking full advantage of custom packaging.

Smirnoff Caipiroska bottles mimic the textures of lemons, berries, and passion fruit with custom wraps. Along the diagonal perforation of the textured fruit packaging, Smirnoff echoed the experience of peeling a legitimate fruit for its now enamored customers. 

Smirnoff Caipiroska’s bottles were also sent in wooden crates, which is how the fruit is transported to Brazilian produce markets. We love the creativity!

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The packaging moment of the Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine is special. Customers could gift their loved ones a fine wine or turn the bottle upside down and share a laugh at what looked like a beautiful bouquet.

Facilitating shared moments between loved ones by leveraging the packaging real estate can extend the gifting or unboxing experience beyond the product. The clever packaging’s duality allowed Cava customers to enjoy a shared moment with close friends or family and attract new customers.

Festina Profundo

Does your product have a claim that sets it apart from the rest? 

Show them.

Festina Profundo Dive Watches are a great example. They lean into their claim—a waterproof product seems too good to be true, particularly with a luxurious watch brand.

Festina Profundo Dive Watches are sold in transparent bags of distilled water, proving its claim that the watch is waterproof.

Using your brand’s custom packaging to say everything by showing what your product is made of is bold and highly memorable.

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How to Create Custom Packaging for Your Brand

Are you curious about how to use these ideas for your brand packaging?

Custom packaging may seem daunting, but United GMG has your back when it comes to finding the best way to connect with your customer. The goals are to attract consumer attention, communicate the brand message, and give a unique unboxing experience. The best place to start is to ground your brand identity, the audience you wish to attract, and define your call to action.

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