How Custom Printed Boxes Create a Connection with Customers

As you may have read from our last post, the unboxing experience your brand provides has a direct connection to how the customer perceives and relates to your product. After all, the emotional impact your customer feels and the characteristics they associate with your brand, on the whole, becomes your brand identity. That’s why custom printed boxes are a big must for today’s forward-thinking companies.

So how can you use marketing strategy to take charge of your overall brand identity, you may ask?

Let’s focus on your brand packaging. Although simple and often overlooked, even left to chance, it’s the last touchpoint your customer has with your brand before reaching your product and its prime real estate for presenting a memorable, shareable, even gift-like experience. Appealing to emotion and delivering an unforgettable unboxing experience through custom packaging has the power to reminds your customers of the similar gifting experience they’ve shared with loved ones during celebrations.

Custom printed boxes can empower your customer to go the extra mile to connect on a personal level.

How to Connect through Custom Printed Boxes

Tell your Story

The best way to gain your customer’s trust and loyalty are first to tell them your story. Let them in!

Storytelling is something that every human can connect with on a cellular level. Storytelling is our birthright in the sense that we are all geniuses of communication and connection, according to Yuval Noah Harrari (author of best-selling book Sapiens).

Most people can’t connect to a vast, cold corporation selling a product, but they can relate to purpose and follow a journey.

By simply telling your brand’s story, you are humanizing your brand objectives. By doing this, you are laying the foundation for a long-term relationship built on loyalty and trust with your customer while helping them identify your brand as a thought leader within your niche.  

Create an Impact

A fact of life that always rings true is, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” a quote credited to Oscar Wilde and Will Rogers.

First impressions matter because after the instant they’re created, it’s almost impossible to go back. Even when faced with contradictory factual information, the lasting residue from the first impression is final.

You don’t want your real chance to connect and impress a customer to be shaded by a negative first impression. The smallest detail can set your brand apart from the rest of the standard shipping techniques.

For example, your customer will take notice of the care you took in shipping your product, whether it’s wrapped in a plastic bag with postage on the front or secured in a custom printed box with clear branding on the sides.

A custom printed box will go a long way to show the customer that the brand believes in the value of its product and, not only that but the significance of their relationship with the loyal shopper.

Give Instructions

Can you imagine what would happen to IKEA if they sent out their DIY furniture to customers without following up with detailed instructions?

Custom printed boxes are the perfect placement for instructions and demonstrations to encourage, motivate, and reassure customers that your brand cares about empowering them to use your product to its full potential. When that space is left empty, it’s a significant indicator that it is leaving its customer hanging.

If your product comes in a boring, empty standard box, then it’s a clear “figure it out, we don’t care” message. Is this what your brand wants to say? Of course not. You want your customer to see your brand as a caring friend for the long term, there to help them when they have questions.

You decide what you want to say by writing instructions and information about your product and brand, instead of the absence of effort saying it all.

Highlight Features and Benefits

It’s crystal clear when a brand is proud of its product because they will obsessively point out all the unique ways it stands out from its crowd of competitors.

So, what makes your product stand out? Why should your customer feel proud about their decision to buy? How will your brand make the extra effort no one else will bring customer satisfaction?

A small, growing brand might feel nervous navigating how to “brag” about their brand and product with fear of seeming too sales-y. However, considering that fear, leaving your customer’s perception of your brand and product up to chance, hoping it works out on its own and speaks for itself is just as bad, maybe worse.

Actively informing and showing your customer all the benefits of starting this journey by purchasing this specific product and joining your brand loyal community is the best way to welcome them.

Cross-Sell Products

The majority of buying customers only consider themselves loyal to a brand after making five purchases, which is a lot.

Reaching the customer from the moment they make their first purchase is essential to show them why they should repurchase and explore the other products and services your brand has to offer.

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A Quick & Simple Way to Create Custom Printed Boxes

Every day, people worldwide watch 1 billion hours of YouTube, and do you happen to know which is among the most popular? That’s right. Unboxing videos!

With this possibility of mass visibility and the pressure to gain positive brand awareness in an ever-growing e-commerce society, it can feel daunting to get started on your box’s custom appearance.

However, using custom printed boxes is one of the simplest ways to make a lasting impact on your customer and the best place to start capitalizing on your brand’s marketing strategy.

There’s no personal touchpoint that works the best to tug on your customer’s heartstrings or pique their interest, which is why having the brand present at every possible step is necessary, especially for e-commerce brands.

Guiding tips to keep front of mind when visualizing your brand’s custom printed box:

  1. Imagine the overall feeling you want to channel to your customer – Think minimalist with just the logo present or over the top with bright colors.
  2. Choose unique packing material – Packing tissue for an impression of luxury or crinkled paper confetti for a full box. 
  3. Strategic custom branding – Ink on the outside of a box can be expensive, so keep in mind strategies like adding stickers with your brand’s logo.
  4. Presentation is everything – Keep in mind how you will present the product. Carefully arranging the product and adding tissue makes for a safely shipped, structured gift-like unboxing experience.
  5. Less is more when it relates to personalized touch – Add a handwritten note to thank your customer and show them how much you care and appreciate their business.

As you can see, there are easy action points to begin this process right where you are now in terms of brand presence.

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Now, It’s Time to Get Started!

United GMG is here to help make your marketing strategy and brand loyal community a reality starting with your very own custom printed box.

We have custom dies on-hand and can print on standard corrugated boxes. The goal is to leverage the real estate on your packaging to tell your brand’s story and clearly show your brand identity instead of using plain boxes.

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If you don’t feel ready to go on this personalized strategy to create a custom box for your brand – you can still use a standard die and work with United GMG to bring your vision to life.

Your custom printed box is waiting to be actualized, so contact us today! We’re super excited to take your brand market strategy to the next level!