11 Business Flyer Ideas for Small Businesses

Flyers are effective marketing tools that increase brand awareness, help with lead generation, and build customer loyalty. What’s more, sending flyers are not only effective, but they are also a cost-effective marketing strategy for small businesses. Whether you want to promote a new product or increase brand awareness in general, there are many different ways to send a flyer to potential and current customers. United GMG goes over 11 creative small business flyer ideas below.

1. Information on Products and Services

A flyer can be used to give information on specific products and services you offer, as well as your organization in general. For example, a university may create a flyer or brochure detailing information about their nursing school. A real estate company, on the other hand, may create flyers dedicated to a specific listing that is on the market, disclosing square footage, the neighborhood the home is located in, and more.

2. New Promotions

If your business has any new products on the shelves or is providing any new services, a flyer can inform current and potential customers. Adding a discount code on the flyer will entice customers to come in and check out your business’s new offerings.

3. Helpful Tips

When you provide consumers with non-professional, informative content that is related to your industry, you position yourself as a trusted industry leader. While much of this content can be in the form of blog posts or video, flyers are also an effective way to repurpose informative content. For example, a mortgage company may send a flyer on “10 Things to Know When Closing on Your First Home.” When you send helpful tips to potential clients, they’ll have more trust in your product or service, increasing the likelihood that they work with you.

4. Grand Openings

Is your business new to town? Sending a flyer to local residents is a great way to increase awareness about your business opening up. An effective grand opening flyer should include eye-catching imagery and colors that are true to your brand, as well as a brief description about your business and the details of the event.

5. Sales & Discounts

When you have old merchandise you’d like to get out of inventory, what’s a better solution than running a sale? Rather than a customer needing to physically visit your store to find out, sending flyers will effectively let your customers know that certain items or services are on sale for a limited amount of time.

6. Handouts at Events

Handing out flyers at events is beneficial to your business for several reasons. For one, it is a great way to network with other organizations in your industry. What’s more, flyers can offer important information about your business and its offerings. Rather than just seeing or hearing about your business at the event, potential customers can bring the information home with them, making it more likely that they’ll keep your small business in mind for when they need your services.

7. In-Bag Inserts

Similar to handing out flyers at events, inserting a flyer inside a goodie or sample bag after customers visit your establishment is a great way to give customers your business’s information to bring home with them. Whether you want to include a flyer with a special discount for next time they visit or give details about an upcoming product, in-bag insert flyers can increase the chances they visit again, and in turn, increase customer loyalty.

8. Spec Sheets

For more technical small businesses, spec sheets are a great way to inform customers about your product. Providing technical and detailed information on how your product works and performs is a great way to nurture leads that are at the bottom of the sales funnel.

9. Take-Out Menus

For restaurants, attaching a menu flyer to a customer’s takeout bag effectively increases the chances that they’ll order from your restaurant again. Many customers may keep the menu in a drawer or kitchen counter, meaning your business is more likely to be on their mind next time they want to eat out. Additionally, adding a discount code for the customer’s next order will further increase the chances of ordering from your restaurant again.

10. Thank You’s

Sending a thank you flyer to first-time or loyal customers is a great way to show customers that you care. Sending a personalized flyer with their name and a brief message can leave a positive impression on customers and build customer loyalty.

11. Personalized Flyers

Using variable data printing, flyers can be personalized to provide a specific message to your target audience. For example, dental offices may send flyers regarding their denture services to customers ages 65 and older, and send flyers outlining their orthodontic services to homes with teenagers with the recipient’s name (or other information) on the flyer itself. This targeted approach results in a higher ROI and decreases the risk of misplaced efforts.

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