8 Event Printing Items You May Be Forgetting

When it comes to planning an event, there are many things that must be organized in order for everything to come together smoothly. From finding a caterer to booking the venue, it’s easy to forget some elements that, while they may seem small, can have a significant impact on guests. This includes printing for events, whether it be directional signage or a retractable banner.

In fact, printing this type of collateral for events can improve guest experience, elevate the look of the venue, and provide guests with important information about your organization. United GMG goes over eight printing items you may be forgetting below, so you can ensure your next event is memorable and leaves a positive impression on all who attend.

1. Directional Signage

Directional signage can significantly improve the experience guests have. This type of signage can alleviate stress and frustration, especially if you are hosting at a large venue. For example, signage directing guests where to park or which room to go to for the meeting they need to go to will prevent chaos and make for a more organized and efficient space.

2. Retractable Banners

No matter the event – a convention, trade show, or conference – retractable banners are an effective way to capture people’s attention. Organizations can extend their branding to these banners by using company imagery, colors, logos, and messaging. They can also inform people about specific products or services your business offers.

Retractable banners can also be a purely decorative aspect that enhances the event space. For example, if you are throwing a holiday party, using retractable banners to display festive images can add to the guest’s holiday cheer.

3. Point of Purchase Displays

While point of purchase displays are popular in retail and grocery stores, there are cases where these displays can be effectively used at an event. A trade show or convention, for example, can use point of purchase displays to showcase product samples that people can interact with. This increases prospect engagement, making it more likely that they will become future customers at your company.

4. Standing Signs

A sign in a stand holder is another tool that can inform guests at an event. Placing a standing sign in the lobby can welcome guests, for example. Standing signs can also provide important information like itineraries, speaker information, and more.

5. Floor graphics

Like directional signage, floor graphics can prevent disorganization from occurring at an event. Floor graphics can direct guests to a coat check, the room a guest speaker will present in, or to entrance and exit doors.

Using a floor graphic is also a unique way to grab guests’ attention. Using bright colors and interesting imagery can add a fun element to an event and positively impact guests.

6. Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are great for events for several reasons. For one, a high-quality, eye-catching step and repeat banner can elevate the look of your event and engage guests by enticing them to take photos in front of it. Secondly, step and repeat banners are a cost-effective way to advertise your organization. Many companies display their logos and other branding elements onto their step and repeat banner, which results in increased brand awareness when guests post their photos online.

7. Sell-Sheets

Handing out sell sheets during an event is an effective way to network with other people in your industry, as well as potential leads for your business. While banners and point of purchase displays can offer guests vital information about your product or services, a sell-sheet allows these guests to bring this information home with them.

8. Self Mailers

Similar to a sell sheet, sending self-mailers to event attendees is another way to network and provide people with important information. Before the event, self-mailers can be sent to inform people of the event and what it entails, enticing them to come. What’s more, a direct mail campaign can be created in order to send this mail to specific demographics that would most likely be interested in attending.

Using the guest list from the event, your company can send a self-mailer after the event to remind guests of your organization and as a way to reach out to potential customers about next steps in working with your company.

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