USPS Lowers Postage Rate, Benefitting Marketers

usps lowers rates 2016

For the first time in nearly 100 years, the U.S. Postal Service has lowered the price of a stamp. In April, the USPS announced that it would be dropping the price of postage stamps.

The reduction is the result of a program that, since 2014, had allowed the USPS to temporarily increase postage price to make up for lost revenue during the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009. Regulators capped the recouped expense amount at $4.6 billion, and last month, the USPS hit that total.

What Changes for Marketers Are In Store?

The new charges will be 47 cents for a standard stamp used to mail a letter, down from 49 cents. The price of sending a postcard will drop by a penny, from 35 to 34 cents, and international mail will go down by a nickel, from $1.20 per letter to $1.15.

While this is good news for marketers and people who send bulk direct mail in Chicago, the USPS doesn’t seem as thrilled. They’re saying that the decline in prices will cost them $2 billion this year.

What Does it Mean for Your Chicago Direct Mail Offerings?

These lower costs mean potential savings for marketers and direct mail businesses. You’ll be able to send more direct mail pieces for less of your budget, and ultimately, be able to reach more of your prospects. This can possibly lead to more leads and conversions, and an increase in profits for you overall. So while it seems like lowering the cost of stamps just a few cents wouldn’t have that big of an impact on your overall financial status as a business, it can help cut what your marketing spend is for postage.

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