Fundraiser Invitations, Signs, & Marketing Ideas for Every Type of Fundraising Event

If you want your fundraising event to be a success, you have to draw in a crowd. Marketing materials like invitations, flyers, and signage are an essential part of getting a packed house.

Whether you are hosting a charity auction, nonprofit gala, an exhibition, a sports event, or other type of fundraiser, you need to create and print unique materials that will inform readers, engage prospective guests, and encourage people to attend your event.

Fundraiser Invitations: Make a Good First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. For fundraisers, invitations are that first impression—and a carefully planned, beautifully designed invitation will encourage recipients to attend your event.

Invitations set the tone of your fundraiser, notify recipients of the event, and ask them to participate. They should include essential information for guests:

  • The name of the organization hosting the event
  • The date, time, and location of the venue
  • RSVP instructions
  • Price to attend the event
  • The formality, dress code, and/or event theme
  • Who will benefit from the event (cause, organization, group, etc.)
  • Event activities such as meal information, silent auctions, or guest speakers

To give guests ample notice, send out fundraiser invitations at least six weeks in advance.

Fundraiser Event Flyers: Raise Awareness and Attract an Audience

For fundraisers open to a wider audience, you may not have a list of people to send invites. Another option is to post flyers advertising your fundraiser to help draw a crowd.

The goals of fundraiser event flyers are to raise awareness for your fundraising event, answer essential questions, and encourage viewers to support your cause. These flyers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter what style you decide to create, be sure to include everything viewers need:

  • Organization name
  • Date, time, location
  • How to participate
  • Entry fee or suggested donation
  • The goal or cause
  • Contact information

If your fundraiser includes a prize, raffle, or sweepstakes, add that information on the flyer as well.

Remember that flyers are meant to catch the attention of passersby, even from a distance. Use eye-catching colors, easy-to-read typefaces, and plenty of white space to make sure people take a look.

Fundraiser Signs: Create a Positive Guest Experience

At your event venue, well-placed and informative signs are the difference between a positive guest experience and an event nightmare.

Consider adding several types of event signage to your fundraiser space:

Everything your guests might need throughout the fundraiser—from directions to the coat check or refreshments to reminders of the cause you are raising money for—should be easily identified by your event signage.

Make sure the colors, typefaces, and logos you include on your invitations and flyers are present on your print signage. All your marketing materials should be consistent to help brand your fundraiser and carry your event theme.

Create Custom Fundraiser Marketing Materials at United GMG

United GMG is a one-stop shop for all your marketing, printing, advertising, and signage needs. Our experienced designers and printers are ready to help you print beautiful invitations, design eye-catching flyers, and create high-quality signage for your fundraising event.

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