11 Unique Event Signage Ideas & Examples for Your Next Event

Planning an event is a lot of work. From inviting guests and maintaining a budget to arranging entertainment and coordinating with event suppliers, event planners have a lot on their plate. With so many moving pieces at play, it can be easy for items to slip to the bottom of the to-do list, but there’s a critically important part of all event planning processes that can’t be forgotten: the signage.

Event signage has a significant impact on the experience of your attendees. Clear, concise, and attractive event signage can provide directions, help guests find what they’re looking for, decorate the venue, promote your brand, and advertise sponsors.

Choosing unique event signage is a significant task for an event planner. To help you get started, check out our favorite event signage ideas that enhance the atmosphere of any event.

Indoor Event Signage Ideas

Inside your event venue, signage can be used to provide directions, increase brand awareness, promote sponsors, highlight exhibit areas, and more. Use these indoor event signage ideas as inspiration for any indoor corporate or business event, from a workshop or tradeshow to a conference or seminar.

1. Hanging Banners

Custom hanging banners or suspended signs draw attention and improve visibility. Whether you want to label sections of your venue or help guests find your booth, hanging a banner from the ceiling makes your brand easy to spot.

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2. Lectern Signage

Does your event have speakers giving talks? Will they use a lectern? Lectern signage is the perfect opportunity to brand your event and promote sponsors.

Lectern signage does double-duty: Since presentations are often photographed, recorded, or shared online, you can use lectern signage to promote your brand for long after the conclusion of the event.

3. Floor Graphics

The floor of event venues is often unused space. Instead of ignoring this prime real estate, use venue floors for promoting, branding, and advertising. Add floor decals and graphics to get attention from attendees, provide wayfinding information, or add decorative flair to your event venue.

4. Wall or Window Decals

Add vinyl decals to the windows or walls of your venue to make sure your message is seen by everyone attending your event. Display decals on the wall behind your stage or apply them to windows and let the light shine through.

5. Coroplast Boards

Coroplast boards and other coroplast signs are an excellent option for indoor event signage. These signs are easy to carry, durable, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing. Put up coroplast signs to identify entrances and exits, direct guests around the venue, and draw attention from anyone walking by your venue.

6. Free-Standing Oversized Signage

A fun, eye-catching way to promote your business and event is to use free-standing oversized signage—if you have the space for it. This type of indoor event signage can be used to welcome guests, mark areas of the venue, and promote your business. You may also be able to turn oversized signage into a photo opportunity for attendees.

Outdoor Event Signage Examples

Outdoor event signage helps shape attendees’ first impression about the event, your brand, and the experience you want to create. Keep these event signage examples and ideas in mind as you decorate the outside of your venue or when you are planning an outdoor event.

7. Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wraps are the perfect option to turn a pickup truck or other vehicle into a moving, eye-catching outdoor event sign. Not only will everyone who passes by see your message, but you can also park the vehicle outside the event venue to make a striking outdoor sign.

8. Yard Signs

Yard signs are easy to spot, lightweight, and customizable, making them a popular choice for outdoor event signage. Use yard signs to direct attendees to your event booth, point guests in the direction of the restrooms, and show people where to park.

9. Flags

Flags are extremely versatile as outdoor event signage. Print any design on a flag as well as choose a unique shape. And since they can be tied to just about anything, you can hang flags high enough to be seen above the rest of the event chaos.

10. Stand-Alone Banners

Stand-alone banners are traditional for a reason: This type of outdoor event signage is an affordable and aesthetically pleasing choice for any event. Make sure you design banners with large, readable text and print them on high-quality machines to make the most of their appeal.

11. Barrier Signage

Outdoor events often use barriers to direct foot traffic, easily funneling attendees to your check-in point and showing guests where to wait their turn. Banner signage turns these temporary walls into an opportunity to entertain and inform. Hang signs, flags, or banners along barriers to take advantage of this prominent spot.

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