Event Print & Signage Checklist: 10 Things You Need for Event Success

It’s easy to take event signage for granted because guests often only notice when it’s missing. Without flyers advertising your event, banners showing attendees where to sign-in, or entry signage making a good first impression, your guests may be lost, confused, or unaware your that your event is even happening.

On the other hand, a successful event planner knows the power of well-designed event signage and print materials. From custom save the date magnets and printed invitations that build anticipation to outdoor banners helping guests find their way to the party, signage for events is one of the most important parts of the event planning process.

As you plan your wedding, conference, workshop, gala, or other event, paying attention to signage is key. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. United GMG is here to help you at every stage of the event signage process, from design to print. Together, we can make sure your custom event signage will impress your guests.

Must-Have Types of Event Signage and Print Materials

Event signage and other printed materials can be split into three general categories, based on their purpose: promotional, decorative, informative, and directional.


To get people to attend your event, you have to spread the word.

Promotional materials like posters, flyers, and banners are effective tools for letting a large audience know the details of your event. For invite-only gatherings, custom event invitations, save the dates, or postcards can be used to let guests know who, what, when, where, and why.

Any of these materials can also be used to supplement digital marketing campaigns. For example, sharing a flyer via newsletter and social media while also posting it on downtown bulletin boards reaches a much larger audience than sticking to just one method. Taking advantage of both physical and online promotional opportunities will increase your audience reach and target entirely new groups of people.

promotional signage


Custom event signage can and should be used to decorate your event space. From wall or floor graphics to strategically placed retractable banners, use decorative signage to incorporate your event’s theme and color scheme at every level and to tie all the decorations together.
At your event, attendees may need a variety of informational signage and printed materials, such as menus, schedules, brochures, speaker lists, or programs. Having outdoor event signage labeling the right parking lot or entrance helps guests know that they’re in the right place. Signs displaying information about COVID-19 safety procedures are helpful, too—especially as public health recommendations adjust to local case numbers.

decorative signage


The last thing you want is for guests to get lost at your event. Floor layouts can be confusing for newcomers to an event space, and if people don’t know where they are or where they should be, they’re not going to have a good time.

Effective wayfinding event signage, like retractable banners pointing people in the right direction or posters outlining how to find the restrooms, make it easy for your guests to navigate the event space. Digital information kiosks can also be a great, innovative choice to clarify directions for your event attendees.

directional signage

Event Print and Signage Checklist

To help you plan your next event’s signage and print materials, we’ve created a checklist of items that will make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Although your exact needs will depend on the type, size, and location of your event, use this checklist as a starting place to determine which items you need so you can more easily find a print shop that is right for you.

save the date

1. Save the Dates

Custom save the dates are an excellent way to make sure your guests reserve the event date on their calendar. Although most popular for weddings, any type of invite-based event can benefit from sending basic information to guests before all the details have been finalized.

Generally, these items list the purpose of the event, what city it will be held in, and what day it will take place. The fun part is creating save the dates that match the theme and design standards of your event. You can use custom save the date magnets, cards, or stationary to inform your guests and catch their attention.

Don’t forget the digital details! Include a link to the event website so your guests can take a look.


2. Invitations

To formally request attendance to your event, you should send custom event invitations. These items can be folded cards, flat letters, or digital evites that include detailed information about the event, including the venue, the date and time, and what you are celebrating.

Invitations are more extensive than save the dates and should include everything your guests need to know in order to attend the event. You may need to include information like travel recommendations, hotel accommodations, maps, gift expectations, the dress code, how to RSVP, and more. Including a QR code or URL to the event website on the invitation will make it easy for attendees to get the details.

How you design and write these event invites will depend on the event you are planning. Are you hosting a formal dinner or wedding celebration? Is your event intended to be a professional networking opportunity? Match your invitations to the tone of the event.

posters flyers

3. Posters and Flyers

An effective and inexpensive way to encourage attendance to your event is with custom promotional materials like posters and flyers. You can post them in public areas near where the event is taking place—universities, shopping centers, malls, coffee shops, markets, parks, rec centers, bulletin boards, etc. Ask local businesses if you can hang an event poster in their window or leave a stack of flyers at their check-out desk, too.

Additionally, an eye-catching flyer is a built-in digital marketing tool. Include a QR code on your posters so people will visit your event website, and you can also share your flyers on social media so viewers can learn about your event. Images can make a big difference in the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, so why not take advantage of such a win-win situation?


4. Brochures

Professional events like workshops, conferences, and seminars often have sessions led by various speakers or groups. A brochure detailing the schedule of events as well as providing background information on guest speakers and workshop leaders is a great way to help attendees choose which sessions interest them and to give them a place to start if they want to learn more.

Make sure your brochures are custom printed to match the branding and décor of the overall event theme. Such attention to detail adds character and professionalism to any event.


5. Menus

If you are serving a meal, hors d’oeuvres, or cocktails, a custom menu can show off the options and give your guests an appetite.

For events with a fixed menu, a flat menu detailing the courses may be all that is required. At events where guests have a selection to choose from, you could consider printing folded or booklet style menus so there’s enough room to show all the different options. Similarly, a small menu display at the cocktail bar makes it easy for guests wanting a drink to peruse the options at their leisure.


6. Tickets

Does your event have tickets that attendees must purchase online or at the door? They’re a fun way to encourage guest participation and give guests a memento of your event.

Physical tickets can be printed in unique shapes or colors to match your overall brand, while digital tickets make it easy for event attendees to keep track of your event. And, regardless of how you decide to create your event tickets, consider adding a unique, scannable bar code to the bottom so attendees are automatically entered to win a raffle or prize. Alternatively, you can include a QR code to your event website so that guests have all the information they need at their fingertips.

7. Banners

Banners—like vinyl banners and roll up banners—help create an impression that your guests will never forget.

They are easy to transport, assemble, and display, and depending on the information you include and how you print the banner, you may be able to reuse them at various events.

If your event has sponsors, print a banner with their logos to hang in the event space. Place a retractable banner outside the main entrance to reassure guests they are in the right place.

Add a touch of style by including banners with your brand’s design elements in areas where guests will congregate. The options are endless.

8. Indoor Event

Having custom indoor signage is an integral part of any event. Well-coordinated and well-placed event signage sets the tone for your guests and helps them find, navigate, and enjoy your event. From entry and wayfinding signage to back-lit product displays and floor graphics, these items are key to making a good first impression and ensuring your event attendees have a good time.

9. Outdoor Event Signage

Creating custom event signage for outside of your event space is just as important as banners and other signage on the inside. Yard signs advertising your event around town, A-frame signage pointing guests to the main entrance, and roadside banners showing attendees where to park are all important types of outdoor event signage.

10. Postcards

Custom postcards are a great way to make a memorable impression. You can send them to VIPs or other guests after the event to thank them for attending or include them with the pre-event invitations as RSVP cards.

They are also an opportunity to encourage recipients to stay connected with your company or to become a lifelong customer. For example, consider including a small digital element like relevant social media handles or online-specific discount codes for your services to increase your ROI and develop your brand.

Find a Full-Service Printing Company You Can Trust

Once you’ve determined the types of event signage you need as well as which materials you want to print, it’s time to find a printing company that you know will give your event signage the care it deserves.

Full-service printers like United GMG are prepared to handle all stages of producing your custom event signage, from design to print to copy, so you can rest easy knowing the signage for your event is in good hands.

Your event signage is only as good as your printer, so make sure you choose a printing company you can trust.

Visit United GMG for All Your Event Signage and Printing Needs

At United GMG, we are a one-stop shop for all your event marketing, signage, and printing needs. Our experienced designers and printers are ready to help you determine what types of event signage you need, design eye-catching materials, and print your signage with our high-quality machines.

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