Everything You Need to Know When Printing Postcards for Direct Mail

Have you ever traveled somewhere gorgeous and thought for a moment, this feels like I’m living in a postcard? What could be better than sending out postcards to your customers and having them associate idyllic, happy, adventurous feelings with your brand?

It may sound surprising, but deltiology, the collection and study of postcards, is the third most popular collecting hobby globally. Postcard printing not only influences sharing awareness for your brand but has the opportunity to end up becoming a meaningful souvenir for your customer.

On top of this, postcard printing is one of many tools in the toolbox that is direct mail marketing, which is powerful because it can immediately impact and reach your customer within the comfort of their home.

Resources for Printing Postcards for Direct Mail

When first getting into the world of direct mail marketing, using postcard printing can be an effective way to gain a good response and catch your customer’s eye. However, there are a few design guidelines and tips for developing and sending a postcard recognized by the postal service and treasured by customers.

Printing your Postcard

There is a lot to keep in mind when printing your postcard, and United GMG is here to help with all the logistics, but there is quite a lot to keep in mind when deciding on the printed features your brand is looking for your perfect postcard printing experience.

Here are some suggestions for your next postcard printing.

  • Keep it short: Don’t include too much overwhelming copy. Let the design tell the story and speak for itself.
  • Invest in a die-cut: Almost all postcards are perfect rectangles, and that’s overdone. Been there, done that! Make your postcard different by investing in a die-cut and making your postcard stand out.
  • Eco-printing: Do you as a brand communicate your belief in eco-friendly practices and materials? Well, don’t just say it; share it through taking action and printing your postcards in an eco-friendly fashion.
  • Picture perfect: Print your postcard as a photo to remind your customers of a place or time and appeal to their senses with high-quality imagery.
  • Perforations: Add in a perforated coupon or business card to add to physical ways your customer can interact with and respond to your postcard.
  • Return address: Print a return address so your customer knows they have a physical location and makes it real that they can reach you.

Designing your Postcard

Postcards are unique from other direct mail marketing pieces because they stand alone without wrapping paper covering them. In many ways, your postcard design aspects say even more than the brand messaging that you include, so here are some crucial ideas to keep in mind when it comes to creating an impactful direct mail marketing piece that will generate a satisfying response.

  • Color: Make a postcard that stands out in your customer’s mail and avoid sending them another white letter, postcard, or package, they receive enough of those, and it won’t catch their eye or their interest.
  • Weight: The heavier your card stock, the more value is perceived by your customer. The less it feels like a piece of paper they can toss in the trash, the better.
  • Peel-off: Add a peel-off reminder or sticker that your customer can place on their calendar or fridge. Everyone loves a cute sticker, and this way, your brand will pop up at the forefront of their minds whenever they see it on their laptop or within their home.
  • Font: Design a balanced and consistent font that aligns with the colors and the importance of information and products, so the directed eye-flow feels organic.

Marketing your Postcard

Using postcards is a great marketing tool because it has a personal touch that brands can’t obtain using strictly digital platforms. So how do you turn your piece of direct mail marketing into something your customer is proud to put up on their fridge?

Here are some significant touchpoints to include in your postcard printing to leave a lasting impression on your customer as they sift through their mail and decide what’s of value.

  • Input personal data: Include personalized data to reinforce the intention further that this postcard is directly addressed to them personally. For example, wish them a Happy Birthday or make the postcard deliverable during the specific holidays, so they are sure to have a positive, celebratory message when it’s meaningful.
  • Test and track: Make sure to test and track various responses because one word can be the difference between a successful postcard or not. Don’t be afraid to use your test results and try something new and creative so you can stick in your customer’s mind.
  • Make an offer: Offer them a deal or a discount they can’t refuse and make this offer time-sensitive to guarantee a response to your postcard. A great example could be offering a full year of free services or a hefty discount on a coveted product.
  • Define a clear CTA: Your postcard should have a single call to action that is easy to complete. To immerse your customer more in your brand’s world, give them a clear chance, whether it’s a follow on social media or a visit to your website. Defining an explicit action makes a huge difference in increasing response rates.

Mailing your Postcard

When mailing a postcard, the postal service has strict guidelines to follow so that your mail is delivered and priced as a postcard should be. It’s integral to mail your postcard through First Class mail, so it communicates value to the customer who is just sorting through their mail, asking themselves that very question, “what do I need to read and what can I throw away?”

Companies often make the same mistakes when it comes to this, so here are some printing and format mistakes to avoid when putting your postcard in the mail.

  • Size does matter: If your brand desires First Class Mail via USPS at a postcard rate, it must apply to one of the following sizes: 4.25 x 6 inches, 4 x 6 inches, 4.25 x 5.5 inches – larger than this, and your postcard won’t be eligible for first-class postage rate.
  • Keep volume in mind: You need to make sure you align your priorities on the tradeoff of large-sized cards or a bulk delivery within a timely fashion.
  • Doodads: Refrain from adding stickers and magnets to your postcard, or your mail piece won’t be eligible for the postcard price by the postal service.
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Your next steps to Printing Postcards

There is no limitation to the impact you can have on your customer with direct mail marketing, especially when it comes to postcard printing. Your brand can promote top discounts, advocate for a cause you care about, send thank you notes and follow-ups to build brand loyal relationships, and invite customers to be future brand-related events.

Postcard printing is exactly what your brand needs to get a leg up on the competition and oversaturation on digital platforms because it’s your ticket to reaching your customer directly and with an impact.

Please take this as your opportunity to get started on your postcard design, and don’t hesitate to contact us today to get a free quote. We have the expertise to guide you along this journey and produce a good, effective postcard that gets you results.

We can’t wait to hear from you!