What are the Best Months for Direct Mail?

It is easy to fall into the trap of viewing the marketing environment as a static place where there are set rules that govern it, and the same techniques always yield similar results. However, the truth is, direct mail marketing is filled with little windows of opportunity that can provide you with massive returns on investment. There are many variables that will affect your marketing efforts. One of these variables for direct mail is the time of year the mail is sent.

Timing has a lot to do with the effectiveness of direct mail, but it can be hard to figure it out. United Graphics is here to help, covering the best months that typically yield the best results.

Less Competitive Seasons

While many businesses think of summer as the time sales are low, the months of July to September are actually a good time to send direct mail. During this time, direct mail campaigns tend to be less frequent and people are receiving less mail. This means, when your direct mail piece is delivered to them, it is less likely to get lost in an influx of mail and automatically tossed in the junk pile.

Furthermore, the summer season is filled with holidays that promote consumerism, such as 4th of July – a day where Americans collectively spend about $6.8 billion on food items according to a National Retail Federation study. Memorial Day weekend sales are also very popular. If your business is focused on selling a product, a direct mail campaigned advertising a summertime sale is a great way to grab consumer attention.

The Winter Holiday Season

On the other end of the spectrum, the winter holidays can also be a good time to send direct mail. During this time, people are keeping an eye out for Christmas gifts and cards in the mail, so they are more likely to look at each piece of mail in order to see what it is and who it’s from. This means they are more likely to read your business’s message. By making direct mail related to holiday sales, gifts, or events, the customer has a small amount of time to make the decision of whether or not they will interact and buy from your business. A larger decision timeframe during other times of the year can increase the odds that the receiver will forget about the deal.

However, it is important to note that sending direct mail during this time can backfire depending on your industry. Due to the busy nature of this time and the stress of the holidays, people may toss aside your direct mail and make your direct mail efforts a moot point if your offer or message is not relevant to them. Therefore, it is important to assess your industry and direct mail offer and decide whether or not it is helpful to consumers during this time in order to be successful. 

Your Industry’s Busy Seasons

Busy seasons vary depending on the industry – and the success of your direct mail efforts will directly reflect that. Therefore, it is important to assess which seasons your business is most busy and create a plan to implement a direct mail campaign during this time. For example, if you own a local ice cream shop, it would make sense that your business tends to be busier during the warmer summer months. Therefore, sending direct mail that advertises your shop’s menus or current deals should receive more attention during those times. On the other hand, if you run a fitness center it may be smart to consider running a direct mail campaign during December, when people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions, or March, a time when people are wanting to get in shape in time for summer.

Wish Your Customers a Happy Birthday

While this doesn’t cover a specific month of the year, sending direct mail during a customer’s birthday month is also an effective strategy. A personalized card, gift card, or discount code shows the customer you are thinking about them and conveys the message that your business cares about its patrons. Furthermore, a discount or gift card may entice them to buy from your business and purchase again in the future.

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Get Started on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Now that you have a better idea of when your direct mail is going to be most effective, you can focus on getting your design in order and reaching out to potential leads. With high-quality message design and good timing, you’re going to see many more responses and better conversion.