What is a Good Direct Mail Marketing Strategy?

Direct mail is a potentially invaluable asset to your marketing campaigns. However, you need to make sure you execute best practices to ensure your strategy is a success. Here are some tips to help develop a good direct mail strategy.

Use a Data-First Approach

Like with other marketing methods, you want to start by using accurate data. You can identify the best prospects for your direct mail strategy by leveraging existing data within the CRM.

Once you have a list of accurate direct mail targets, try to define their journeys and start developing your strategy.

Personalize Your Campaigns

Each prospect and customer has a unique set of needs and wants, so it’s important for your direct mail strategy to reflect that. Try to obtain as much information about your recipients from both your marketing automation platform and CRM, along with other outside sources that gather relevant data.

Once you have all of this data collected, define each segment and create personalized offers for each one, which can help you get the best results.

Perfect Your Timing

Similar to email, timing is a major factor when it comes to response rates, so it’s important to make sure your timing is impeccable, connecting with the right audience via the right channel at the appropriate time.

You should also consider what stage of the buyer’s journey your prospects are located and customize offers based on each stage.

Measure Your Success

Measurement of success should be one of the first considerations before you launch your campaigns. Without the ability to measure your campaigns, you won’t be able to determine what’s working and what could benefit from improvement. Predict KPIs and determine what is considered success in your campaign, and set up programs in a fashion that makes it easier to track your results.

Metrics to track include:

  • Cost per mailing
  • Campaign audience size
  • Total campaign budget
  • Response and conversion rates
  • Number of buyers
  • Revenue and profit generated
  • Average revenue per customer

Optimize Each Direct Mail Marketing Strategy as You Go Along

Direct mail printing services aren’t something you simply set up initially and ignore. Instead, you should continually test your direct mail strategies and optimize them to improve upon weak areas. Make sure your data is consistently accurate, that you’re targeting the right prospects, and keep mailing until those prospects become buyers.

This way you’ll be able to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign as soon as you first launch it. You’ll likely find an effective direct mail strategy to be an invaluable asset to your campaigns as a whole, helping give you the best possible results.

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Take Full Advantage of Direct Mail for Your Marketing Plans

Direct mail is a potentially extremely helpful channel for marketing that can help you achieve the best possible results for your company, but you need to make sure it’s optimized, personalized, and executed well enough to reach and influence your target audience. By implementing a complete direct mail marketing strategy, you can begin to see the success you want from your other brochure printing marketing or flyer printing campaigns in addition to direct mail.