5 Types of Print Collateral That Still Work in the Business World

Print collateral that is thoughtful, unique, and creative can help you convert more leads into sales—and it will also help build your brand’s reputation and loyalty. At the end of the day, it is a tangible marketing tool that cannot be replaced by digital marketing tactics.

So, don’t be that business that spends all their budget on digital marketing while completely neglecting print collateral. Let’s take a look at what print collateral is, why it’s important, the must-have types of print collateral that still work, and things to consider when designing print collateral for your business.

What Is Print Collateral?

Print collateral is any printed material used to promote a company or organization’s products, services, offers, or events. These marketing materials can be used and disseminated in numerous scenarios, such as conferences, sales meetings, consultations, fundraisers, and mailings—just to name a few.

Why Is Print Collateral Important?

Print collateral is extremely important because it works as a strong marketing tool for your business or organization. Print collateral can instantly communicate everything your prospects need to know about your products, services, and your business in a tangible and easy-to-digest format.

Print Collateral Examples: Must-Have Types of Print Collateral

Here are some must-have types of print collateral that still work in the business world.

1. Direct Mail & Postcards

Consumers still prefer direct mail in many ways compared to online marketing—and with top-quality direct mail pieces, you can appeal to customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Custom postcards, for example, are a great way to make a memorable impression. They create an opportunity to encourage recipients to stay connected with your company or to become a lifelong customer. You can even include a small digital element like relevant social media handles or online-specific discount codes for your services to increase your ROI and develop your brand.

2. Brochures & Pamphlets

With custom brochures and pamphlets, the options are endless! Whether you’re a travel agency, retailer, ad agency, nonprofit, restaurant, or something in between, brochures are great for high-value purchases as well as informing your customers on a particular product or service you offer.

3. Flyers

Whether you’re a brand-new business, already established, or want to promote something specific such as an offer or event, a flyer can do that for you—and it can do it effectively and affordably! You can post them in public areas, ask local businesses if you can hang a business flyer in their window, or leave a stack of flyers at places your prospects frequent.

4. Booklets & Catalogs

Booklets and catalogs are a great way to disseminate product and company information as well as display product images, pricing, promotions, sales, and ordering procedures. And since so many people prefer visuals over text, catalogs and booklets are the perfect way to attract customers and increase revenue.

5. Business Cards

Every employee at every company needs business cards. Give them away at events, slip them into goodie bags, and add them to folders whether you’re networking, making first impressions, attending a conference, or giving satisfied clients your information for the future. 

Print Collateral Design: Things to Consider

Here are some things to consider when designing and preparing your marketing collateral for print.

Better Graphic Design

Take a look at your current print collateral design and ask yourself: Is this design work compelling, eye-catching, innovative, creative, and in line with our goals?

Don’t just settle for whatever your graphic designers come up with. Mediocre design will probably lead to mediocre results, so be sure to push and dig deeper when it comes to your print collateral design. 

Spell Check

Before finalizing your print collateral, be sure to run spell check and have multiple people read through your materials. There is nothing more frustrating than noticing spelling errors or grammatical inconsistencies after mass printing your collateral.

Image Resolution

Your print collateral needs to feature crisp, high-quality images. Low-resolution images may be somewhat acceptable for digital projects, but nothing kills your credibility more than poor quality images on your print collateral. Be sure to double and triple check the image resolution on all of your print collateral to ensure quality results.

Integrate with Digital

Print collateral is an even more robust tool when used in conjunction with digital campaigns. This strength is due to the fact that print collateral with a cross-channel boost and flexibility can generate an increased return, gather customer information, and develop your brand. Including online-specific offers or a small digital element in your print collateral also requires less effort to process than digital media. 

Getting Print Collateral Quotes: What You Need to Know

Once you’ve determined the types of print collateral you need, it’s time to find a printing and mailing company that you know will give your collateral the attention it deserves.

Full-service printers like United GMG are prepared to handle all stages of producing your custom print collateral, all the way from design and print to customized mailing services. 

At United GMG, we don’t have any minimum or maximum order quantities, either. We can take care of all your print collateral needs—whether you’re looking for short run or long run printing—and we offer competitive pricing regardless of your order quantity. However, the more you print with United GMG, the better deal you get. 

Ready to Get Started on Your Next Print Collateral Project?

At United GMG, we are a one-stop shop for all your direct mailing and print collateral needs. Our experienced team is ready to help you determine what types of print collateral you need, design eye-catching materials, and print your new marketing collateral with our high-quality machines. 

Contact us to get a free quote or call to speak to a United GMG representative today.

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