Research Shows Direct Mail Works

Ads are everywhere. Wherever you look, you can find a couple of them, and this is especially true online. One can even argue that the online environment is almost at the brink of being polluted by excessive marketing.

So, how does this influence ads purpose and overall effectiveness? If they are constantly present, do customers get accustomed to them, and do they even see them in the end?

This is classic debate has made online marketing campaigns more elaborate and bigger, and nowadays it’s as easy as paying for a Facebook campaign. These concerns bring about the question of how relevant direct mail marketing campaigns are anymore? We’re here to tell you that direct mail isn’t going anywhere.

Direct Mail is as Important as Ever

Do you remember the last time you received a memorable, printed catalog on your doorstep? What did you think?

For many people, this type of direct marketing has become a thing of the past, but more and more people are welcoming it back. It’s become a kind of nostalgic feeling, seeing and reading a true and proper catalog designed for that purpose.

It rivals the online experience we see all the time when we browse our social networks. Direct mail is proven to still be of value to consumers.

Not Only Catalogs

Direct mail is ideal for approaching customers when you still haven’t established a sense of trust – as a way of reaching out to a new market. You can send coupons that can be used in your establishment or other kinds of gift cards.

This is a surefire way of building trust, as people are more likely to pay attention to what they get in their actual mailboxes than their online inboxes.

Naturally, all of this depends on how well your catalogs and coupons are done and designed – people need to have their attention drawn, in subtle yet effective ways.

We Want Physical Action

In Canada, a study was done to examine the effects of printed media, compared to online ads. The results were surprising and they showed that physical, direct mail requires up to 21% less mental effort to process and understand.

This is not to say that online ads are too complicated, but that human beings more easily process information that’s presented to the senses – the feel of paper, the smell of glue, the sound of paper rustling, and the visual stimuli of something we’re holding in our hands.

This increases the overall retention rate. People remember the brand 75% of the time when given a physical promotional product, as opposed to the retention rate of an online ad (44%).

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Direct Mail is Here to Stay

Holding mail in your hand is simple. It’s easy to understand and the action required from the customer is minimal – unlike online ads where you’re unsure of the link you are clicking on.

Furthermore, direct mail is extremely easy to create, print, and send, and United Graphics offers services for all the steps involved in this process. With a proper campaign, direct mail can be a powerful tool that will give you more customers and better brand awareness. Direct mail campaigns are more relevant and effective than ever. Contact United Graphics today to get your direct mail campaign up and running!