Outdoor Event Signage Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor Events

Effective event signage is the difference between a disorganized, chaotic event and a smooth, unforgettable event experience for your guests.

All events need outdoor event signage. Outdoor events—like any other type of event—require signage to direct guests, inform attendees, and decorate the area. Likewise, indoor events need outdoor signage to show attendees where to enter the space and to create a positive first impression.

Whether your event venue is inside or out in the open air, you need outdoor event signage to catch the attention of passersby, spread the word about your event, direct guests to important areas, and brand every part of your event.

9 Outdoor Event Signage Ideas

There are many different types of event signage you can use to decorate your outdoor event space. As you plan your next event, start with these ideas.

1. Yard Signs

Yard signs are an affordable option and come in all shapes, sizes, and designs—and they’re perfect for any type of event.

You can either stick these customizable signs in the ground or place them on stands throughout your event venue. Use them to direct guests, decorate the venue, and advertise your event.

2. Banner Flags, Feather Flags, & Teardrop Flags

Nothing draws the eye more than a flag flying in the wind. That’s why banner flags, feather flags, or teardrop flags are perfect options for outdoor event signs. They are a fun, effective way to grab attention.

Use flags to line walkways, sidewalks, or mark certain areas of the event space.

3. Retractable Banners

Custom printed retractable banners are a tried-and-true type of outdoor event signage. You can use banners to advertise your event, to mark welcome areas or check-in points, to display your event or company logo, or simply to decorate your venue.

4. Floor Decals & Graphics

High-quality floor decals and graphics can be used in indoor and outdoor venues. If your outdoor space includes a sidewalk, parking lot, courtyard, or other hard surface, you can add floor signage. Floor decals are a fantastic advertising opportunity for your business and can also be used to direct guests to certain areas of the venue. Either way, they’re eye-catching, unexpected, and effective.

5. Queue Banners

Are attendees going to be standing in a queue? Will they need to wait in line to purchase a ticket? Do you want them to enter, exit, or check-in to the venue in a certain place?
Barriers or boundary fencing is one way many event planners funnel guests in certain directions. Take advantage of this free space by hanging banners, flying flags, or adding wall decals.

event signage

6. Stair Wraps

Stair wraps are an unexpected and effective choice for outdoor event signage. If your guests have to use a staircase to access the venue or travel to certain areas of the event space, catch their attention with a star wrap.

This type of event signage can be viewed from the bottom of a staircase. Use the wrap to showcase your logo, event theme, or provide directions as your attendees walk up the stairs.

7. Tents

Many outdoor events, especially those spread out over a large space, have tents. These tents help attendees navigate the venue, provide shade in the sun, and mark certain areas of the event like a food tent, tradeshow booth, or ticket area.

Setting up custom printed tents is a great way to display your logo, colors, social media handles, or other essential event information.

8. Table Covers

If you have tables positioned around your event area, you need to get table covers. Tables like information desks, ticket areas, or tradeshow booths can be covered with custom-printed table runners, skirts, or cloths. 

Display a company or the event logo or match the covers to the event theme to brand the tables and catch the eyes of your guests.

9. Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards—also known as a-frame signs—are an ideal outdoor signage option for both indoor and outdoor events. They are a simple, classic way to draw attention from passersby and guests. You can use these signs to share important messages, direct attendees to a different location, or display food/drink options at the concessions area.

Position a-frame signs in key areas around the event venue. They can easily stand on pavement, grass, or even rough terrain.

Tips for Making the Best Outdoor Event Signs

As you select, design, and print your outdoor event signage, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure your signs are big enough to be read from a fair distance by large crowds
  • Include your company and/or event logo on each sign
  • Stick with the event’s overall theme and colors so everything is consistent
  • Place signs in areas where they will draw the most attention
  • Choose signs that can stand up to sun, rain, wind, or other weather events that may occur during the event
  • Use plenty of white space
  • Keep text simple so your signs are easy to read

One more thing: The key to successful event signage is the printer you choose to work with. If you want the best results, buy your signs from a trusted, experienced print shop in your area.

Create Custom Outdoor Event Signage at United GMG

At United GMG, we are a one-stop shop for all your event marketing, signage, and printing needs. Our experienced designers and printers are ready to help you determine what types of outdoor event signs you need, design eye-catching materials, and print your event signage with our high-quality machines.
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