How to Make a Successful Brochure from A to Z

Brochures can be a great source of information for your clients that let them know about your business and the products or services you’re offering.

But creating a compelling brochure is easier said than done. So, take a look at these tips that will help you create the best brochure for your business in no time.

Set Your Goals

Before you start creating a brochure, it’s really important that you know why you’re making it. Of course, the purpose is to inform your clients about your business and what you have to offer them. But you really should be focusing on your customers and their desires and needs.

Learn what your customers want, understand them, then let your brochure tell them about your products and services that match their needs.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Your average reader will decide within 5 seconds whether they want to read your brochure or not. So, when creating it, you should focus on headlines and graphics that will grab their attention. Keep your paragraphs short and scannable, use interesting headlines and lists or bullet points whenever you have the chance.

While you want your design to be interesting, attractive, and fun, you should still be professional, so don’t use over-exaggerated fonts in a million different colors. Make sure the font you choose is easy to read and is legible against the background colors.

Visual Elements

What makes brochures interesting to read is the images that are included next to the text. Your customers want to see how your product looks, or what results they’ll get if they use your product.

So, include clear images that truly showcase this. Use high-quality illustrations or photos to show the high-quality of your business. The visual elements should be in line with your text and complement it. Your cover photo must be truly compelling because it is the first thing that the readers will see when they get your brochure.

The colors you use in your brochure are very important as well. We’re all familiar with the connection between certain colors and certain emotions, so use that to your advantage.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

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What this means is that first of all, you want to grab the readers’ attention, spark their interest in order for them to continue reading, influence their desire for your product or service, and encourage a specific action after reading the brochure, such as buying a product or visiting your website.

You can achieve all of this by keeping your brochure looking professional. Pay attention to page layouts, the size of the fonts and images, color composition, and all the other small details that will get the message across that you’re serious about your business, and it will inspire devotion and loyalty.

A good brochure can mean the difference between attracting and losing customers. So, you want to invest your time and energy into making your brochure the best it can be. For help producing your next direct marketing campaign, reach out to United Graphics today!