How to Get More Web Traffic with Direct Mail

If your goal is to increase the traffic to your website, direct mail can be a great way to get the results you want.

While many people focus on email and social media marketing today, many neglect the usefulness of traditional direct mail. One common misconception is that mixing online and offline media for marketing is virtually impossible, but the truth is that both can work well together.

Here are some effective ways to take advantage of direct mail marketing to drive more traffic to your website.

Make an Enticing Offer

You can’t simply ask people to visit your website. Instead, you need to give them a good reason to do this, which will include a compelling offer such as a seminar, free trial or sample, whitepaper, coupons, postcard, or other types of giveaways. Give recipients what they want, rather than trying to expose your brand alone.

Use a URL That’s Easy to Type

It may be easy to click on an email link to take people to your website, but it won’t work like this with direct mail. Your prospects should be able to easily type the URL in a browser. This means you should make sure your URL is short and easy to spell. You can even create a unique address specifically for a promotion that’s significantly shorter than your other domain names, which you can then use to redirect to the desired page.

Use Personalized Copy

One effective way to get your direct mail recipients’ attention is to use personalized headlines, teasers, subheads, and body text, but try to avoid making it too over-the-top.

Use a Specific Call-to-Action

If you want your prospects to perform a call-to-action such as a survey, you’re likely to get a better response if you give them specific directions.

Include a Deadline

Similar to other direct marketing efforts, people are more likely to respond quickly to direct mail pieces if you give them a deadline. You can include one near the call-to-action, which should inspire more people to act knowing they have a limited time to do so.

Build a Landing Page for Direct Mail

Normally, you shouldn’t direct traffic to your website’s homepage. There are far too many choices and too many ways to lose prospects early on in the sales process. Creating a unique landing page to correspond to direct mail pieces can allow you to control the message, track responses, and collect information to make it easier to follow up in the future.

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Get All Relevant Contact Information

If you want to build your database of contacts and personalize communications with prospects, try to acquire all pertinent contact info, which can include an email address and a name, or even a mailing address in some cases.

Taking all of these aspects of a direct mail campaign into account, you can utilize a marketing strategy and booklet & pamphlet printing that can truly help your business thrive in addition to other methods.