How Direct Mail Can Be Personalized

A good direct mail design is more than a simple marketing tool—it’s also a way to stand out with unique personalization that connects with prospects. That personal touch makes direct mail timeless as an effective means of marketing your services or products that digital efforts are unlikely to replace.

Here are some ways to make your direct mail marketing serve as a true extension of your brand and personality, leaving prospects consistently impressed.

Include a Logo and Tagline

The first thing to consider putting in your direct mail is a logo and tagline. They should convey your brand accurately through wording, colors, and shapes that have a lasting appeal.

Personalize Your Name and Job Title in Letters

While it may seem ideal to keep things formal with a full name on the direct mail, some may prefer nicknames. For instance, if your formal name is Jacob but you prefer Jake, put the latter on the card to make it more personal. It can also help you stand out among competitors who use more formal, bland mail pieces.

Job titles also tend to be unhelpful for many, with a simple “CEO” label that may not help detail exactly what it is the cardholder does. Try to include a specific role in the company that indicates exactly what you do.

Personalize Images

If you have multiple audiences, try to make sure you send images that reflect that audience, with photos or illustrations that correspond to families or other individuals in your demographics.

Include Personal Statistics

Mail pieces can also include personal statistics that are unique to the recipient, particularly existing customers, such as reports that show how much money they’ve saved using your services or products, which can further encourage them to stay with you.

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Customized Message

Direct mail recipients can also receive more personalized messages. For example, a mail piece from a pediatrician can vary from prospect to prospect; the message for parents with younger children can highlight benefits such as specialized equipment for smaller children and waiting rooms with toys, while parents with older children can read a message featuring benefits including convenient after-school appointment times.

These are some of the many ways you can fully customize your mail pieces. By making your mail pieces more personal, you can find that they give you the kind of leads you want, and at the success rate you want.

We want your postcard marketing and your brochure marketing to be as successful as possible.