Holiday Mailing Tips and Tricks

The holidays are here, and it’s never too late to create a marketing campaign that will entice your potential buyers to do business with you. The shopping frenzy is all around us, and it is important to know how to take advantage of it all.

The holiday season is THE most important shopping seasons throughout the year, and it is also the period when people spend the most. It’s crucial to take advantage of this time within your business.

Direct mail is a powerful tool for this, as most Americans open their mail the day they receive it, making it an extremely affordable, and efficient way of promoting your business. The best way of achieving that is this:

1. Make Your Direct Mail as Memorable as Possible

Humans are visual creatures, and in order to grab people’s attention, it is important for us to see something interesting in it. A great way to do this is to incorporate the 5 senses into your campaign. If you can find a way to, for example, entice a consumer’s taste or smell with holiday smells and holiday designs, you are distinguishing yourself from the hundreds of other direct mail campaigns out there.

Overall, you need to make your campaign memorable through visually appealing or sense appealing aesthetics. Incorporate Christmas and other holiday themes within your design. This increases your chances of being recognized and remembered by the consumer immensely.

2. Combine Other Campaigns with Your Direct Mail

Social networks are more important than ever. With social media, you can reach a mass audience that would otherwise be unreachable. When sending direct mail, you can encompass some parts of your social media campaign in there as well.

Give special codes that can be used to reclaim some small prizes if used on your Facebook page. This way, more people will have direct contact with your online profiles, and you will be able to further influence their decision-making process.

3. Don’t Forget Calendars

Calendars are a customer’s favorite, and one of the most undervalued marketing pieces. While not all calendars can be a work of art, you can include your own calendar in your direct mail campaign – and be sure that it will be used. Maybe not in the kitchen, but possibly in the garage.

This will give a bit of exposure to your brand, an everyday presence in the lives of your customers lasting longer than the holiday season.

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4. Simple Solutions Are the Best

If you are still unsure what your best move is, sending a holiday postcard to your previous customers from your base is always a smart decision that will help you promote your business and holiday cheer.

United Graphics is a great source for insight on mail design, paper choice, and printing. If you partner with us, you’ll be sure that all your customers get your promotional material. Check out our direct mail services today for more information on our holiday services!