How Direct Mail Testing Can Determine Which Mail Pieces Are Working

Like with any other marketing campaign, it’s important to test direct mail pieces to determine which ones are doing their job and which ones you need to tweak.

Without a good direct mail campaign in place, you’ll wind up saving money while effectively supplementing your online marketing efforts.

On the other hand, an inadequate direct mail campaign will serve as a waste of money and resources while eliminating any chance of decent return on investment.

Here are some of the reasons why direct mail testing is necessary to ensure the efficacy of your campaigns.

Avoiding Confusion Through Direct Mail Package Testing

With the help of proper direct mail piece testing, you’ll ultimately be able to eliminate a lot of the confusion that might otherwise be present regarding your campaigns.

There are several elements you can use to determine which mail pieces are getting results and which are duds that are holding you back.

Apart from having the greatest response rate (GRR), there are other factors to consider when testing your campaigns.

Meet Your Goals with the Help of a Goal Sheet

Using a tool such as a goal sheet to help you follow all of the steps needed to meet your goals, you can have a more effective plan in place to make sure your direct mail campaign is helping you achieve these goals.

This sheet can help illustrate overall package cost and the various response rates needed to count as successful. Projections and extrapolations are based on a variety of test and roll-out quantities, enabling companies to accurately identify what’s working and what requires improvement based on the results their direct mail campaigns are getting.

Using Online Campaigns to Test Direct Mail Pieces

One of the best ways to test your direct mail pieces is to integrate them with your online campaigns.

For instance, your mail pieces may contain links to corresponding landing pages with specific offers.

Tracking the visits and the overall ability to convert visitors to leads for each page can help determine if certain mail pieces are getting the results you want. This is one of the easiest ways to test your campaigns and figure out what to improve upon for better results.

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Maximize Efficiency by Testing Direct Mail Packages

If you want to effectively manage your marketing budget and keep your campaigns efficient at all times, you’ll benefit from regularly testing your direct mail pieces and modifying them accordingly.

To make sure you have the best mail pieces that accurately represent your brand and can give you the best possible results, it’s best to work with professional printers who have the experience and resources needed while maintaining affordability.

With high-quality mail pieces and rigorous testing, you can see a difference in your direct mail campaigns in the long term.