Brochure Types 101: A Guide for Businesses

A brochure is a great tool that can raise your company’s brand awareness or give customers information about a new product or promotion. There are many different kinds of brochures to choose from and some types of brochure folds may be better suited for your specific business or the message you want to relay to the customer. United GMG breaks down the different brochure types below.


A half-fold is similar to a booklet and is one of the more simple brochures to make. A half-fold brochure has two inside panels, as well as a front and back cover, all equally sized.

While there aren’t many pages for a vast amount of information, there is enough space to put eye-catching graphics and condensed text that outlays the most important points you want to make. With rich imagery and brief text descriptions, the half-fold brochure makes for an extremely readable piece, even for the most face-paced, on-the-move consumers.


Tri-fold brochures have two bends that create three equally-sized panels. This type of brochure has a standard size of 8.5” by 11” but can also be designed in a 11” x 17” size or a size with dimensions up to 25.5”. These brochures are great when you need to add additional imagery and information. They also add a level of suspense when opening, making for a good user experience.


The Z-fold brochure looks like a zig-zag. The double bending creates six equally-sized parts. Out of the many different types of brochures, the z-fold is less commonly used compared to bi-fold and tri-fold brochures. However, there are unique uses that Z-fold brochures are ideal for. For example, the Z-fold is great for compartmentalizing related imagery and text. The Z-fold comes in three standard sizes: 8.5″ × 11″, 8.5″ × 14″ and 11″ × 17″.


The gate-fold, also known as the window fold, is similar to a tri-fold brochure. The main difference, however, is that the three panels do not need to be the same size with a gate fold. Instead, the left and right panels, when combined, should be equal to the width of the center piece. The standard dimensions for a gate-fold is 8.5”  11”.

The gate-fold is another way to create a suspenseful experience for consumers when they open your direct mail piece and will make your brand more memorable to them.

Accordion Fold

The accordion fold is similar to the Z-fold but has additional sections. This brochure type gets its name from its resemblance to the accordion instrument when it opens. The accordion fold is great for creating a memorable user experience. You can tell a story with this type of brochure, turning each panel into a “chapter” with organized text and vivid imagery.

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