Unlock the Power of Custom Boxes for Your Business

Think custom boxes are too expensive and time consuming? Think again. As the ONLY marketing tool with a nearly 100 percent open rate, custom boxes offer an unparalleled return on investment. And the sheer number of sizes and configurations means you can design an attention-getting box that won’t break the bank.

Packaging is often your customer’s first physical touchpoint with your business, following a phone call or Web site visit. It pays to make it memorable! A thoughtful, well-designed custom box with targeted messaging speaks volume about your brand and shows you care.

Still on the fence? Here are five reasons to consider custom boxes:

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

Designing a box that includes your company’s logo, message and unique design scheme is a tactile and highly effective way to accentuate your brand and build credibility. Holding your box in their hands, customers can feel the attention and care you’ve devoted to marketing your business and protecting your products. It’s a gesture that makes a lasting impression and proves you value their business.

2. Your Box, Your Way

An experienced printing and production company can customize your box to your exact specifications, including color selection, logo placement and eco-friendly materials. The options are endless!

3. Safe & Secure

Sending products in custom boxes helps ensure a smooth delivery experience. The inside of the packaging is designed to fit contents precisely, while the outside is the ideal place to market your business in a whimsical, attention-grabbing way. You’ll also save money on package fillers like bubble wrap, shredded paper and packing peanuts. What you choose to include in your box, from contents to packing materials, is entirely up to you!

4. Sky-High Open Rate

Nearly 100 percent of recipients open a custom box, generating zero waste and the best possible ROI. No other marketing tool comes close to ensuring your message gets opened and read by your customers.

5. The Big Reveal

Everyone loves a big reveal. Give your customers something to smile about with a custom box that’s fun to open and explore. Many of today’s customers post unboxing videos on social media, which can generate even more sales and exposure for your brand.

Need help getting started with your custom box, including design advice and best practices? United GMG Has You Covered!

United GMG boasts decades of experience in designing, printing, and mailing custom boxes for a diverse clientele. Tell us your vision and we’ll make it a reality—for less than you might think. Don’t delay! Contact us to get a free quote or call 312-427-3537 to speak to a United GMG representative directly.

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