3 Direct Mail Order Terms You Need to Know

As new innovative ways to market your business materialize, many businesses worry that mail has become obsolete. Nothing could be further from the truth! Direct mail marketing remains a standard amongst advertisers. For just pennies per contact, mail allows businesses to:

  • Promote their services or products
  • Send potential customers free samples
  • Direct their advertising to a specific audience (e.g. by region, neighborhood, age, or other demographic)

While direct mail remains a viable advertising alternative, designing a profitable campaign does require a bit of specialized knowledge. The most important thing you need to know is how to get your advertising materials into the right hands as inexpensively as possible. That is why you need to know these 3 common mail order terms.

Marketing (or Standard) Mail

Marketing Mail is the standard for sending promotional materials. While it may take a little longer for mailed pieces to arrive, this is a common method of sending brochures, flyers, circulars, catalogues and other printed matter. Keep in mind that there are some rules to follow:

  • You must mail at least 200 identical pieces of mail (or 50 lbs.) at a time
  • Marketing mail can only be sent within the United States
  • All mailings must be of identical size and weight (and contain the same inserts)
  • All packages must weigh less than 16 ounces (I pound)
  • You may target your mailing to a specific area or neighborhood without supplying individual addresses using the USPS service called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) using standard mail delivery

Nonprofit Direct Mail

If you are planning to send direct mail for a nonprofit organization, you may qualify for a reduced rate. But be warned: just because you have obtained nonprofit status from the IRS does not automatically qualify you for cheaper mailing rates. You will still have to apply through the Postal Service for the discount.

Here are the kinds of organizations that are usually eligible:

  • Agricultural
  • Educational
  • Fraternal
  • Labor
  • Philanthropic
  • Religious
  • Scientific
  • Veterans
  • Some political committees

Keep in mind though that not every organization qualifies like the ones above. For example, business leagues, chambers of commerce, social and hobby clubs, and certain political organizations usually are NOT eligible. Also, only certain types of mailings may be sent using this form of distribution.

In addition to your local Business Mail Entry Unit, Publication 417, Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail Eligibility provides complete information about nonprofit eligibility, including the types of materials that may be mailed at the nonprofit prices and instructions for applying for nonprofit mailing privileges.

Bulk Direct Mail

Bulk mail is a generic term for sending large quantities of the exact mailing at one time. These may include letters, pamphlets, circulars, catalogues and more. Bulk mail remains one of the cheapest ways for businesses to reach large groups of customers without racking up big postage bills.

While there are different versions of bulk mail available (like nonprofit and marketing mail), through the postal service, the generic term bulk refers to any large quantity of mail sent at a reduced rate.

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Understand the Requirements for Direct Mail

Figuring out the best way to mail your advertising materials isn’t always as simple as affixing a few stamps and dropping them off at the post office. Depending on the type of mail you are sending, there can be stringent rules and regulations to follow. Be sure that you understand the requirements of each type of mail you send in order to get the best deal and save thousands in your business mailing costs.

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