Why Is Printing Still Important?

Everything is becoming digitalized these days. Digitalizing makes things more convenient and allows for easy access. However, print still remains very important, even among millennials.

You may be shocked to hear that 95% of people under 25 read print magazines. This is just one of many stats that prove that print media is still relevant and important.

But why is that? Why are people still interested in print, when they can access any magazine, brochure, and various other media online? Here are the most essential reasons:

Print Establishes Credibility

There is a sense of credibility and legitimacy when you see a print magazine or newspaper on a rack. You know that various editors reviewed it multiple times before printing, and that instills trust. In people’s minds print means accuracy, quality, and credibility, which cannot be said for a great number of digital mediums.

Flexibility, Versatility, Security

You can touch your printed publication, take it, leave it on your desk for months, and then come back to it whenever you want to resume your reading, or read it again. This gives you the flexibility and value that digital media doesn’t provide.

Print is also very versatile. There’s a great number of printing applications, such as printing on packaging and even creating edible imprints.

The level of security print provides is perhaps its most important benefit. Imagine a pilot having internet trouble, not being able to access a map or anything else necessary for safely operating and landing a plane. If they had no printed logbooks and various other documents at hand, they would experience a lot of trouble, to say the least.

Quite similarly, print also brings a lot of value to brands in that they could also experience trouble with various pieces of software, and not be able to run their operations smoothly. Having printed files and documents helps them stay on top of things.

Print Is Captivating and Engaging

Print stimulates the senses and engages readers for longer periods of time than digital communications can. Not only can you physically feel the paper, but the smell of ink and paper can also transport you to another place like a bookstore or a library, and even bring you back to childhood memories.

Digital communications can never create that “wow” factor that you get when turning the pages of a print newspaper, magazine, or book. The senses of touch and smell that you get with print stimulate you in a way that its digital counterparts never could.

Print Eliminates Digital Fatigue

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More and more people are experiencing digital fatigue these days, which is a type of visual fatigue that strains the eyes and causes physical discomfort. It comes after being exposed to a digital screen for an extended period of time.

You can adjust your screen brightness, but it will still tire your eyes after a while, just like any other muscle gets tired after being used for a prolonged period of time. This is why a lot of people prefer print to digital media. Printed communications cannot strain your eyes the way digital can.

Digital media plays a huge role nowadays, and it’s definitely not going anywhere. However, print is still very important, and it also doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, if ever. We hope by now you understand the advantages that print still holds in the everyday media. If you’re looking for a high-quality print media solution, reach out to United GMG today!