How Understanding Standard Direct Mail Postcard Sizes Can Help You Stay Within Your Marketing Budget

Among the many benefits of using direct mail postcards to reach your audience in your marketing campaigns is the ability to save money on gang run printing. While not all postcard sizes are available for gang run printing instead of one-off services, you’ll find that you can get gang run printing with standard postcard sizes.

What Exactly is Gang Run Printing?

Gang run printing, as opposed to one-off printing, is a service that entails printing multiple postcards or other materials on a single large sheet, followed by trimming them down to individual units. This takes less time and money than one-off printing, which can help you stay well within your allotted marketing budget.

With gang-run printing, reduced costs and fewer resources are needed as multiple products are printed collectively. Ordinarily, more costs will be required due to paper waste and press set-up with one-off printing services, as these production costs are carried across many jobs instead of a single printing project. Ultimately, gang run printing is both economical and environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of labor, printing materials, and waste.

With United Graphics & Mailing Group, you can benefit from gang run postcard printing if you work with standard direct mail postcard sizes for each printing project.

Understanding Standard Direct Mail Postcard Sizes

Standard postcard sizes for direct mail include:

  • 25” x 6”
  • 5” x 7”
  • 6” x 9”
  • 6” x 10.5”

Each of these postcard sizes can get your message across and enhance your marketing campaigns, while helping you save money with gang run printing services.

Flat vs. Folded Postcards

While gang run printing is compatible with flat standard postcard sizes, you can include all of the information you need on these postcards. The key is to simplify your design and message, while presenting your business and services in a way that’s appealing and unique.

Flat postcards can help you get the most out of your campaigns with colorful and original graphic design, along with gang run printing that allows you to spend more on developing top-quality designs. Getting creative with your designs is the key, as you have the ability to do almost anything imaginable with these physical components to your complete marketing campaign.

Whether you want to print a flat postcard in a landscape or portrait format, we can provide you with gang run printing services when you choose one of the standard postcard sizes. However, you should make sure that the back side meets all mailing requirements if you’re planning on mailing them without envelopes.

Benefit from Gang Run Postcard Printing

Whether you’re launching a small or widespread direct mail campaign, postcards can give you excellent results across your entire direct mail strategy. By selecting one of the above standard postcard sizes for flat mail pieces, you can take advantage of our efficient gang run printing services to give you what you need.

You’ll benefit from top-quality postcard printing services and products, while saving more money to allow you to spend more on other important aspects of your campaigns. You can also redirect funds to supplement your postcards for a complete direct mail campaign that complements the rest of your marketing efforts.

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Using Gang Run Postcard Printing in Addition to Other Direct Mail

Although postcards can serve as a key component to your direct mail marketing campaigns, there are other strategies you can use to supplement it, which we offer here at United Graphics & Mailing Group.

In addition to postcard printing, we can also print a variety of other materials, including brochures, flyers, catalogs, envelopes, booklets, pamphlets, and more. With a solution combining any of these along with gang run postcard printing, you can get the most from your direct mail campaigns and connect with your audience in a unique, engaging, and ultimately cost-effective way.