Essential Signage for Restaurants – 5 Best Signage Ideas

If you’re a restaurant owner looking for ways to attract hungry guests, you have to think about your signage. Captivating and informative restaurant signs will not only attract customers, but they will also keep them coming back. This is because restaurant signs and graphics really help set the mood and create a unique ambience for your restaurant, while simultaneously creating a safe and memorable experience for guests.

So, let’s take a look at the top 5 types of restaurant signage and how to use each to grab attention, entice potential customers, build your brand, promote menu items, inform guests, and ultimately grow your restaurant business.

1. Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage can be used to attract attention, welcome customers back, or promote sales, curbside pickup, food delivery services, and updated menu items—among others. And the types of outdoor signage you can leverage at your restaurant are endless!

Use flags, outdoor banners, sidewalk signs, and yard signs to increase brand awareness, keep customers informed, promote special offerings or monthly specials, and entice potential customers to come into your restaurant.

2. Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are large format color graphics that are illuminated from behind a light source. Due to their glowing appearance, backlit signs will attract the attention of people who are out and about outside of regular daytime hours, as well as provide visibility at night and during storms. Not only that, but bright lights have also been shown to help increase alertness, particularly at night.

Leverage backlit signage outside of your restaurant to make a great impression, market your restaurant around the clock, and enhance your visibility. Additionally, consider using backlit signage inside your restaurant to brighten up your bar or dining areas while communicating with customers and increasing brand recognition.

3. Window Graphics

Window graphics serve a number of purposes, but the most important purpose is to help grab the attention of people passing by. Installing window graphics is an inexpensive and creative way to transform your restaurant windows and doors from boring and plain to colorful and eye-catching. 

Design window graphics with your restaurant logo, colors, and other brand elements to increase local brand awareness; use them to promote new menu items; give direction to customers or post restaurant hours; and advertise seasonal or emotional messages. You can also decide to design window graphics that can be seen from the inside only, outside only, or both inside and outside—making them even more versatile.

4. Display Signage

Restaurant owners can use signage for much more than increasing brand awareness and promoting menu items or specials. In fact, display signage can be used to entice your customers to buy more—like restaurant gift cards, branded merchandise, or to-go items. Display signage can be used for functional purposes while still working as a marketing and advertising piece. For example, you can have a display box to hold items, or put a display sign on a dispenser of a product.  

When considering the design of your restaurant display signage, be sure to sway customers with attention-grabbing graphics and visuals. In many cases, your customers will walk out having purchased more than just their original meal—which is exactly what you want! 

5. Floor & Wall Decals

Floor and wall decals and are a great way to incorporate directional signage into your restaurant. By clearly pointing the way to a particular location—such as a carry out line or restroom—directional retail signage makes the dining experience easier and more enjoyable for guests.

Floor and wall decals are also great for marketing monthly or weekly product focuses or sales, and they are great for decoration too. You can change the theme of your space by using removable wall and floor decals—and you can use restaurant, logo, or mascot personalized wall decals to celebrate holidays—among many other uses.

How United GMG Helps Restaurants

We have helped restaurants across the country develop captivating restaurant signage to attract attention and draw in hungry crowds—and we don’t stop at signs!

Our full list of restaurant printing solutions include:

  • Outdoor Restaurant Signage
  • Window Graphics
  • Sidewalk Signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Indoor Restaurant Signage
  • Displays
  • Floor Decals
  • Wall Decals
  • Murals
  • Indoor & Outdoor Banners 
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Custom Printed Boxes & Bags
  • And more!

Get Started on Your Next Restaurant Signage Project Today

Restaurants are far more successful when they effectively leverage signage to entice potential customers into their locations. So, choose United GMG and start driving more traffic to your restaurant.

Our experts can help you decide which type—or types—of restaurant signage you’ll need and can answer any questions you have. Contact us to get a free quote or call to speak to a United GMG representative directly.

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