Retail Signage Ideas for Every Area of Your Store

Including retail signage displays in your store is an important part of customer interaction. Retail signage increases brand awareness, informs customers on products and sales going on in your store, and can work as a directional tool that creates a seamless shopping experience. To optimize your retail signage’s effectiveness in your stores, below are creative retail signage ideas for every area of your store.

Outdoor Retail Signage

Your outdoor retail signage will create the first impressions customers have of your store – so make it a good one! A good first impression will entice customers to visit your store and shop. There are several types of outdoor signage that your store can use, listed below. No matter what type of signage you use, however, you’ll want to ensure that the signage is eye-catching with large text and pleasing graphics.

Sidewalk Signage

One way to implement outdoor retail signage is by placing a sidewalk sign outside your front door or a couple strides ahead of it. This will capture people’s attention as they walk by your store, since the sign is directly in their path.

Window Graphics

Another type of outdoor signage is a window graphic. Window graphics are a great way to capture the attention of people walking by and can serve many purposes. For one, they can be a great opportunity for increasing local brand awareness when you design window graphics with your company logo, colors, and other branding elements. They can also be used to promote seasonal sales or showcase new products to entice people to patron your store.

Indoor Retail Signage

When it comes to indoor retail signage, there are many different ways you can place retail signs and banners throughout the store. Additionally, each type of signage has its own purpose and offers unique benefits to your retail store and the customer’s shopping experience. Some indoor retail signage examples include:

Point-of-Purchase Signage

Adding a point-of-purchase (POP) display near the checkout area next to specific merchandise you want to promote can entice customers to add more products to their checkout basket. Point-of-purchase signage can take many forms. One type-of-point of purchase signage is an endcap display, which is a freestanding display at the end of the isle. Standing banners are another great type of point-of-purchase signage, as it can be easily placed anywhere around the store as you see fit.

Since the point of a POP display is to sway the customer’s buying decision, you’ll want to make sure that the signage is eye-catching with visually-pleasing graphics and memorable messaging. Your point-of-purchase retail signage displays should also showcase that the product is beneficial or interesting in a simple yet powerful way.

Hanging Banners

Hanging banners are another type of indoor retail signage that is versatile and beneficial. For one, hanging banners can be used to inform customers on what types of products are in certain aisles. They can also be used to create eye-catching retail displays that advertise a new promotion or product throughout your store.

Informational Standing Banners

Standing banners are not confined to being used as point-of-purchase signage – they are also a great way to provide information to the customer. Like stated before, standing banners can be placed anywhere throughout the store. This type of signage can showcase a new promotion or sale, give fitting room instructions, or advertise your store credit card. While you’ll want to be informative, it is important to keep the text short and simple while also providing visual images. Customers are at your store to shop and may not want to take the time to read large sections of text, no matter how relevant it is to them.

Backlit Displays

Backlit displays are great for putting the focus on a new important product. The unique and eye-catching display commands the consumers attention and entices them to try the new product. Not only does it capture attention to your specific product advertised on the backlit display, but it sets a cool, elegant atmosphere for the rest of your store as well, making for a fun shopping experience for your customers.

Directional Retail Signage

Directional retail signage makes the shopping experience for customers more enjoyable by guiding customers where they need to go in order to find a certain item or location like a dressing room or line. This type of signage can also be used outdoors to point to your store’s parking lot or main entrance if your building has several doors.

Floor Decals

Floor decals are a great directional tool for your retail store. You can use floor decals as store aisle signs to show which direction to walk in a particular aisle. They can also be used to direct people to lines or indicated waiting areas.

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