Why Personalized Envelopes Are Becoming More Popular

Personalized envelope printing actually came about around the same time as color digital printing presses. Although that was a decade ago, personalized direct mail envelopes are just now experiencing a surge in popularity. Why is this happening?

Why Direct Mail Still Matters

It’s true that we are living in a digital age when online marketing efforts are at their peak, but this also makes direct mail stand out as an original type of marketing campaign that makes businesses stand apart from their principally online competitors.

Integrating a direct mail campaign can prove invaluable to your business, helping attract and retain customers who might have never become aware of your brand otherwise.

Everything from your letters and offers to the enclosing envelope will play a key role in making your direct mail campaign a success. Today’s technology only gives you more options when it comes to developing the perfect direct mail campaign.

Focusing on Personalizing Letters Instead of Personalized Envelopes for Direct Mail

Some of the first color digital printer models for envelopes have been on the market for several years. Despite this availability, most businesses have spent this time focused on developing personalized direct mail letters instead of envelopes.

On the other hand, the continued development of printing technology has made every aspect of direct mail a focus for businesses, including personalized direct mail envelopes.

While some of the main technological enhancements have been in the department of hardware and ink, a majority of development has occurred with digital workflow and print file processing, for file types and RIP (raster image processor).

Why People are Focusing More on Personalized Direct Mail Envelopes

Personalized envelope printing can influence your direct mail campaigns in several ways.

One of the key benefits of today’s printing technology is the ability to make your envelopes match the contents inside, serving as an appealing cover for each mail piece, with unique colors and an attention-grabbing message.

However, many businesses don’t know how to properly utilize personalized envelopes for direct mail. For example, many businesses may lose their message in heavy ink usage, which can not only muddle the message, but also result in more expenses due to the high costs of digital ink.

With the help of professionals behind direct mail campaigns, businesses can truly make the most of their direct mail while managing their marketing budget.

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More Opportunities for Personalized Direct Mail Envelope Printing

Using today’s printing technology, direct mail envelopes can feature a wide range of designs, with completely customizable colors, logos, and messages that appeal to prospects and existing customers as much as the letters inside.

Through the use of custom envelopes for your direct mail campaigns, you’ll be able to draw attention to your mail pieces and help them stand out among the rest of your recipients’ mail.