8 Creative Outdoor Event Marketing & Promotion Ideas

Summertime is the best time to connect with customers in the great outdoors. Balmy temps and relaxed schedules boost moods and draw crowds with more time to linger and learn about your business. 

While outdoor events generate memories and experiences like no other, they require careful planning and flexibility. Key elements like weather, traffic and crowd control can make or break your event. Setting clear goals, having a contingency plan for surprise storms and marketing your event effectively are critical. 

Creative, attention-grabbing signage—such as banners, flags, tents, sandwich boards and yard signs—is another must to promote your event and brand, communicate key info and direct crowds.  

Here are eight tips to keep your next outdoor event on track: 

Tips for Successful Outdoor Event Marketing & Promotion

Outdoor Event Tip #1:
Set Clear Goals

Start by asking what your outdoor event needs to accomplish. Do you want to build buzz around your brand, connect with existing customers or generate new leads? Maybe you’re launching a new product, celebrating a company milestone or anniversary. Identifying your event’s overall goal establishes a framework and eases decision making. 

Outdoor Event Tip #2:
Vet Your Venue

From parks, fields and city streets to stadiums, piers and beaches, outdoor venue options are endless! Use your event theme and purpose to narrow your options while keeping practical considerations in mind:

  • Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your guests and infrastructure
  • Evaluate access points and consider proximity to parking and public transportation 
  • Find out if your event can be moved inside or under cover in case of inclement weather
  • Ask about noise ordinances 
  • Consider a venue’s ambiance. Make sure it reflects your event theme and provides a safe atmosphere for guests. 

Outdoor Event Tip #3:
Mass Market Your Event (Everywhere)

After determining your event date, theme and venue, it’s time to promote it! Market your event across multiple channels to maximize exposure and attendance:

  • Social media: Create an event-specific hashtag to generate excitement and make your event easy to search. Use dedicated social media accounts to share photos and exclusive content.
  • E-mail: Send compelling, branded e-mails highlighting your event. 
  • Print advertising: Hang posters near your venue and run ads in local publications.
  • Event landing page: Include the date, time, location, ticket information and activity schedule. Update content regularly, especially weather-related news. 

Keep fonts, colors and layout consistent to build brand awareness and make sure all signage mirrors the design scheme used in other event collateral.  

Outdoor Event Tip #4:
Partner Up

Partner with businesses or brands to promote the event to their networks, customer base or followers. Explore opportunities for collaborative sponsorships or funding and leverage those partners’ marketing channels. In addition, consider partnering with media sponsors, journalists or bloggers to boost publicity.

Outdoor Event Tip #5:
Offer Incentives

Everyone loves a freebie! Attract attention and large crowds through branded giveaways reflecting the event’s purpose and guests needs. Nearly any item can be branded these days, including:

  • Warm-weather essentials (water bottles, sunglasses, lip balm, sunscreen).
  • Apparel (t-shirts, hats, visors).
  • Games and toys (frisbees, beach balls, footballs).
  • Eco-friendly items (reusable bags, solar chargers).

Outdoor Event Tip #6:
Weather the Storm

Make a contingency plan for rain, lighting or extreme heat and use multiple channels to keep attendees abreast of weather-related changes. Some event planners opt for a rain date, which might not be possible due to vendor contracts and venue availability. 

Choose weather-resistant equipment, décor and structures, like signs with air vents and yard stakes (instead of easels). Skip the linens in case of high winds. Offer weather-appropriate amenities like fans, misting stations, shady spots, umbrellas and covered areas as well. 

Outdoor Event Tip #7:
Use Visual Elements

Attention-grabbing, strategically placed signage plays an essential role in event promotion. Before your event, use posters, yard signs, invitations (digital and/or printed) and other collateral to share details and boost attendance. Make sure your signs are weather-resistant, large enough to read from a distance and placed in areas where they will attract the most attention.

On event day, don’t be afraid to go big and bold. Use a variety of signage to keep everyone informed and attract passersby, such as:

  • Full-color feather flags, banners and canopy tents.
  • Pop-up displays, sandwich boards and retractable banners.
  • Tabletop signs and displays with QR codes linking to your web site or social media page.
  • Reuse pre-event signage whenever possible.

Outdoor Event Tip #8:
Green Your Scene

Show guests you care about the planet: 

  • Use biodegradable or recyclable materials whenever possible.
  • Station recycling bins throughout the venue and discourage single-use items.
  • Use biodegradable signage printed with carcinogen-free inks.
man holds biodegradable paper cup

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