Benefits of Custom Boxes for Your Brand & Business

First impressions matter. A LOT. It takes just 15 seconds to form an impression about someone we’ve just met—and less than three seconds to form an opinion about a new product. A custom designed box offers a great way for companies to impress customers and quickly earn their trust. 

Think of your customer’s buying journey from first hearing about your product to making a purchase.  The entire process should build on their excitement so they feel good when they see the actual box.  The entire box, inside and out, should show the attention you pay to their experience and how each component supports the design and branding.  A well planned and executed custom boxing strategy will highlight your product and make them excited to share it with family, friends and even on social media.

What Is a Custom Box?

This refers to boxes and packaging uniquely designed to ship, protect and display a company’s products while communicating key brand information. As the name implies, a custom box features an exterior that markets your business in an attention-grabbing way, and an interior tailored to the product’s precise shape and size. Think of it as an opportunity to showcase your creativity, set your brand apart and deliver a memorable experience.  

Why Is Using A Custom Box an Important Part of Branding?

Over 70% of American consumers say how an item is boxed influences their purchase decisions. When a product is presented well, it speaks volumes about the company behind it. This is often a customer’s first physical interaction with a brand, so it pays to make it noteworthy. You likely devote considerable time and resources toward other marketing efforts, like your website or app.  Go the extra mile with a creative box to match! 

The Many Benefits of a Custom Box

1. Built-in Marketing & Advertising

Custom boxes offer another communication channel to promote your brand and overall mission and values. This is a great opportunity to flex your creative muscle and design something memorable.

2. Product Safety

A custom design fits your products precisely by taking into account their unique size, shape, material and weight. This ensures goods don’t shift or incur damage during shipping. It also shows your customers you care about their delivery experience.

3. Attracts Attention

Delivering your products in a plain brown box might save money, but it won’t stay with customers. Take advantage of this opportunity to produce creative, eye-catching appeal that speaks to your product and brand. Consider Toblerone® chocolate. Its distinct triangular box not only sets it apart from other chocolate brands but also cleverly reflects the mountain shape of the brand’s logo.

4. Memorable Unboxing Experience

Everyone loves a big reveal. Give your customers something fun to open and explore. Many of today’s customers post unboxing videos on social media, which can generate even more sales and exposure.

Apple® has mastered the art of minimalist design. Products arrive in a uniquely designed box free of unnecessary paper and plastic packaging for a truly memorable unboxing experience.

5. Builds Brand Awareness & Value

Custom boxes allow businesses to showcase their unique brand identity. From logo placement to color schemes, every element can be tailored to reflect your company’s personality and values. Consistent and eye-catching, it helps establish a strong visual identity, making it easier for customers to form connections with your products and brand. 

6. Improved Customer Loyalty

Designing a box that allows room to include personalized elements like thank-you notes, special messages and exclusive offers builds customer loyalty and appreciation. Customers are more likely to read and respond to these added touches when they’re included WITH the original purchase, rather than mailed separately.  

7. Sustainability

Custom boxes offer endless opportunities to go green by using recycled or sustainable materials. Not only can you choose eco-friendly materials, but the overall process also reduces waste. Because the box is specifically designed to fit your product’s dimensions, you don’t need extra packaging materials like peanuts or shredded paper to fill open space. Approximately 50% of US consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

8. Reduced Shipping Costs

Reducing void spaces inside your box decreases shipping volume, which lowers mailing costs. Companies can also save money by exploring flexible box designs to accommodate different product sizes and combinations. This reduces the variety of boxes needed and streamlines operations.

Reap the Benefits of High-Quality, Creative Custom Boxes with United GMG

Need help with your custom box, including design advice, shipping rates and best practices? United GMG boasts decades of experience designing, printing and mailing packages for a diverse clientele. Tell us your vision and we’ll make it a reality—for less than you might think.

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