Choose the Right Mailer for Your Next Campaign

Ever wish there was a “one size fits all” option for mail campaigns? While certainly plentiful, the available choices—from letters to postcards to self-mailers to custom boxes and packages—can be overwhelming. 

Selecting the right format for your brand comes down to more than just personal preference. To narrow your focus and options, start by asking the following questions: 

  • What’s my budget?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What’s my timeline?
  • What specific message do I need to communicate?

Now let’s break down the different formats, including the pros and cons of each:

FormatLettersPostcardsSelf-MailersCustom Boxes
Best For…B2Bs, nonprofits & educational organizationsPromoting a special event or discount codeSharing more background info Targeting a small, well-defined audience
Pros• More personalized 
• Can include multiple inserts/collateral
• More space to communicate message & connect with recipient
• Envelope protects sensitive information
• Lots of size options
• Often eligible for postage discounts 
• Most economical option
• Easy to share with others 
• More space/panels for messaging
• Option for built-in reply card
• Flexible layout & design
• More shape & die cut options 
• Seal protects sensitive information
• Memorable & attention grabbing
• Lots of delivery options (mail, in person, etc.)
• High impact & open rate
• Most customizable option
Cons• Can get lost/overlooked in mail pile
• Readers can lose interest
• Limited space to convey message
• Less personal
• Must be properly folded/sealed• Very expensive
• Longer lead time
PricingModerate LowModerateHigh

Keeping the above formats in mind, consider the following:  

  • Which mailer will best showcase my product, business, news or special offer? 
  • Which format will appeal to my target audience?
  • Which format will prompt recipients to act quickly? 
  • What’s my preferred delivery method (e.g. in person, sealed envelope, etc.)?

It’s also helpful to test new formats and mailing options, which can help re-energize your brand, cut through the clutter and boost response rates. Sometimes making a few small tweaks, like a different fold or design, can make a big difference. 

Omni-Bridge 2.0®

An experienced printing and production company like United GMG can walk you through the options and help you determine the best format for your needs. We can even help with layout, copywriting and design, and incorporating digital components, thanks to our new marketing platform called Omni-Bridge 2.0®, which can improve response rates up to 46% and allow you to monitor real-time activity.  

Let United GMG help plan your next campaign. To get started or learn more, contact your United GMG sales rep or call (312) 427-3537.

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