Car Wraps & Vehicle Wraps: The Benefits of Vehicle Branding

Vehicle wraps make it possible to transform the car, truck, or van you use every day into an advertising machine. Communicating your brand message with customized vehicle graphics is one of the many reasons why growing numbers of business owners invest in these advertising products.

So, let’s take a look at exactly what vehicle wraps are, the types and benefits of vehicle wraps, and why so many businesses are investing in this mobile marketing revolution.

What Exactly Is a Vehicle Wrap?

Consider the wrap a second surface on your vehicle. It covers the paint job with digitally imprinted material. You decide what this wrap says about your business. Will it advertise a service you provide or a product you sell? Do you want to concentrate on the creation of name recognition? We can work with you to find the right focus for the design.

Partial vs. Full Vehicle Wrap

A full vehicle wrap is just that: the material covers the entire surface of the vehicle. Imagine your hood, sides, bumpers, roof, and fenders covered with the colorful material. By selecting a perforated wrap material, you can even cover the rear windows. In short, you will be hard pressed to find a spot on the vehicle that does not communicate a marketing or branding message.

In contrast, a partial vehicle wrap leaves some of the vehicle’s paint job visible. We frequently suggest this money-saving option when the vehicle’s color is an excellent fit for the graphics scheme you have chosen for the layout. Even here, there is a further distinction.

  • Quarter Vehicle Wrap: A quarter wrap typically covers the sides but very little else. This type of wrap is typically used with a perforated vinyl window cover.
  • Half Vehicle Wrap: The half wrap covers the sides, the hood, and perhaps the roof. If money is tight but you want to become competitive, this is the right wrap to choose.
  • Three-Quarter Vehicle Wrap: The three-quarter wrap includes the rear of the vehicle, the hood, the roof, and a good bit of the sides. It stops short of completing the look toward the fenders.

5 Benefits of Vehicle Branding with Vehicle Wraps

Here are some of the major benefits of vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps Help Build Your Brand

1. Vehicle Wraps Help Build Your Brand

Vehicle wraps make sure that your work vehicles identify who you are, what you do, and how people can reach you. In other words, you can identify yourself and your services to anyone on the road, helping to build your brand awareness and exposure. You can even include colors and fonts that perfectly match those of your existing marketing efforts.

When you invest in vehicle wraps, you are turning your vehicle into a moving billboard. Instead of driving around in a nondescript panel van, your van will identify you and market your business to potential clients.

Vehicle Wraps Are Less Expensive Than a Paint Job

2. Vehicle Wraps Are Less Expensive Than a Paint Job

The marketing message is part of the wrap. When you invest in a vehicle wrap, graphic artists work with you on the design, the finished look, the style elements, the color selection, the wording, and all the little odds and ends that make the wrap stand out. 

The friendly folks painting your vehicle do just that; they paint it. There is no marketing message setup. Sure, there is the specialist who is a whiz with the airbrush, but not only is this technique out-of-this-world expensive, it also does not create the full marketing message you want to feature. Best of all, if a full wrap is not for you, a partial wrap might just be the right product. Can you imagine getting a partial paint job? (We cannot, either.)

Vehicle Wraps Are Quick & Effective

3. Vehicle Wraps Are Quick & Effective

Prepping a car for a paint job takes time. There is the dismantling of the vehicle, the sanding, the prepping, and the spraying. Then you wait until the first coat dries and repeat the process. Depending on the work schedule of the shop, you might be out of a vehicle for a couple of weeks or longer. 

A wrap installs in a few hours. When you need to hit the ground running for a grand opening, a trade show appearance, or any other special sales opportunity, waiting is not part of the game plan.

Vehicle Wraps Are Quick & Effective

4. Vehicle Wraps Are Adaptable

Vehicle wraps are adaptable to whatever vehicle you need wrapped. You can wrap scooters, cars, bikes, vans, trucks, trailers, etc. If it’s on the road, you can wrap it.

Vehicle wraps can also have as much or as little branding as you need. You can include the fundamentals like color and logo or have your name, phone number, and web address in the exact font you use in other places. No matter what your needs and preferences are, you can create a completely customized vehicle wrap to market your business and boost exposure.

Vehicle Wraps Are Removeable, Boosting Car Resale Value

5. Vehicle Wraps Are Removable, Boosting Car Resale Value

The typical vehicle wrap lasts about five to seven years. This is about the same amount of time that a business owner might hold on to a van or truck before upgrading. Because we can remove a wrap in a short time, you can continue on your way to the dealership to get top dollar in trade-in value. 

In fact, because the vinyl of the wrap protects the factory paint job, your truck might look better than others do. A paint job is not something you can remove; you need to reinvest in a complete color change.

Interested in Boosting Exposure & Building Your Brand with Custom Vehicle Wraps? 

Get noticed in the areas you do business. Vehicle wraps make use of the vehicles you already own and operate and turn them into awesome mobile marketing. You’ll get non-stop brand-boosting exposure when you’re on the road and when you’re parked too. So, to make use of all your vehicle has to offer, contact us today to discuss your vehicle wrap options.

Our experts can help you decide which type of vehicle wrap you’ll need and can answer any questions you have. Contact us to get a free quote or call to speak to a United GMG representative directly.

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