The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail Marketing

What are the best ways to measure a direct mail campaign?

Measuring your direct mail campaigns is the only way to determine whether or not they’re successful. You can determine what’s working and what isn’t by implementing an effective measurement plan, which will include good calls to action and other elements.

CTAs can include invites to sign up for services, completing forms for additional information and resources, free demos requests, or a request to call for more details, among others. You can also benefit from creating personalized CTAs for each demographic for more accurate measurements. Unless direct mail recipients are able to perform actions like these, you won’t be able to gather as much data to measure the results of your campaigns.

It’s also important to measure true success in your direct mail campaigns. Follow leads all the way through their lifecycle and see where they end up. You’ll be able to gauge how well your campaign is by looking at how many become customers compared to leads who wind up lost along the way. This will make a huge difference when finding ways to modify your campaigns, as you’ll see which demographics and CTAs get the final results you want.

Based on the type of responses you get to CTAs and how many sales you make with the amount of leads you have, you can use these measurements to make the appropriate changes to your campaigns.

What future is there for direct mail advertising?

Many believe that direct mail marketing is an outdated marketing method, but the fact is that this offline strategy has a bright future ahead. Despite online marketing’s popularity, many consumers are getting saturated with emails and other online marketing pushes to the point where many tune out.

Using direct mail marketing will continue to serve as a great way to stand out among competitors who stick with dry online marketing attempts. Direct mail will only benefit from technological advancements in the future, as mail pieces are better personalized and use innovative new materials to attract recipients.

Marketers will also be able to use behavioral data from other types of marketing channels to optimize their direct mail campaigns, tying direct mail to their online campaigns and other offline efforts. Direct mail will also always be responsible for increasing the attention given to online campaigns, as a counterpart with CTAs that lead recipients to perform the desired actions via the company’s website.

Ultimately, direct mail advertising is only going to develop further as a great way to enhance your marketing campaigns. People still want tangibility in advertising materials when so much appears online to the point of over-saturation, making direct mail a continually relevant marketing channel that can enhance campaigns in many ways. At the same time, it’s deeply connected to online marketing in many ways, making the two inseparable as effective marketing channels that work together toward the same goal.

What is a good response rate for direct mail?

Direct mail response rates are currently at their highest, as one of the best marketing methods. The 2016 DMA Response Rate Report found that direct mail response rates drastically increased with a 5.3% response rate with house lists and another 2.9% to prospect lists. This is higher than the previous years since the DMA began tracking these rates in 2003.

Generally, the average ideal response rate of 5% or higher is indicative of a relatively successful campaign, as this 5% can become paying customers in time. However, you should continually work to increase your response rate as much as possible by testing different campaigns and learning what works and what could use improvement. Doing so will help ensure you get the most from your campaigns and give you the best possible results.

So, while 5% and above may be considered a generally good response rate today, you should always push for a higher one by experimenting and optimizing on a regular basis. You may be able to exceed the average and make direct mail a truly beneficial aspect of your marketing efforts.

Keep in mind that direct mail has the third highest ROI according to the DMA report, which will likely increase as the response rate continues to increase. You may find that direct mail is one of the most integral parts of your campaigns, to the point where it becomes a central focus along with you other most profitable marketing campaigns.